37 NMTC Student Portal: How to Login and Recover Password

Learn how to navigate the 37 NMTC Student Portal effortlessly. This guide covers accessing the portal, logging in, and recovering your password. Find all the essential information you need to make the most of this user-friendly platform.

37 NMTC Student Portal


37 NMTC Student Portal

The 37 NMTC Student Portal serves as a valuable resource for students, providing easy access to important academic tools and information.

Here, we will walk you through the process of accessing the portal, logging in, and recovering your password. Let’s get started!


How to Login/Access the Student Portal

1. First, visit the student portal.

2. Enter your index number and password in the Student Information Portal (SIP).

3. Then click the Login button to access the site.

There are times you come across certain commands you don’t understand, below are some examples;


1. No Such Thing as Username Exists in this System: This indicates that the index number you have submitted does not follow the format for a 37NMTC student index number.

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You must carefully check the username you submitted for typing problems.

2. Your Account is now Inactive/Deactivated: This indicates that during the current semester, your student account is inactive.

While continuing students MUST have paid at LEAST 60% of their school expenses. That includes SRC dues, new students are to pay 100% of their tuition.

Please check to see whether you have any outstanding debts with the accounts office if you have graduated from school.

3. The combination of this Username and Password Do Not Match: This indicates that the index number (username) and the password you submitted do not match.

Verify that you typed your password correctly. For assistance, get in touch with the IT officer.

How to Reset/Recover a Password

You might want to perform a password reset. That is if you’ve forgotten your password or are having trouble logging into the SIP for any other reason. Follow these procedures to reset your password:

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1. To access the password reset page, click the “here” link located beneath the login button.

2. In the space provided, type your index number (username) exactly.

3. Then click the “Reset Password” button.

4. They will send a new system-generated password to your personal email address. That is what the system should have recorded if your username was correctly entered.

Remember, if you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the dedicated IT officers.

Feature of 37 NMTC Student Portal

It offers various features and functions to students. Enabling them to access and manage their academic information conveniently. Here are some of the key features of the portal:

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1. The Student Information Portal (SIP) is a web-based platform.

2. It requires students to log in with their index number and password.

3. The portal provides access to academic information. Such as schedules, grades, and attendance.

4. Students can register for courses and manage their course preferences.

5. The SIP allows for online fee payment and tracks financial transactions.

6. Communication tools enable students to receive updates and messages.

7. Resources and documents, such as course materials, are accessible online.

8. Support is available for technical issues and assistance with login or password resets.

9. The portal aims to enhance the student experience and promote efficiency.

Enjoy your time on the 37NMTC Student Portal and make the most of your educational experience at the National Film & Television Institute!


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