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Why is my Sassa R350 Declined?


Millions of SRD grant applicants get declined every month, and most clients are confused. That is why we are here to help you. If your application is declined, just continue reading.

Why is my Sassa R350 declined?


Why is my Sassa R350 declined?

To encourage more South Africans without jobs to apply for the award, the DSD also made a number of amendments to the requirements.


These changes include increasing the income edge to R624 and eliminating bank confirmation as the main criteria for determining eligibility. These changes can affect your SASSA status.

Below are common reason why your SASSA R350 is declining:

NSFAS Registered

If you are a beneficiary of the national student fund help program, we will decline your application

Existing Sassa Grant


The applicant is a current recipient of a social grant other than a child grant

UIF registered

The applicant is eligible for UIF benefits based on TERS OR contributions to UIF OR is currently receiving the unemployment insurance fund benefit.

Gov. Payroll registered

The applicant is in employment at a government institution


The client was paid R350 once or more, for which the client did not qualify. The error was picked and the money is withheld to correct the error.

Payment will resume if the client still qualifies, once all the outstanding R350s are recovered. Why is my Sassa R350 declined?

Age Outside Range (60)

The applicant does not qualify for the grant due to not meeting the age requirement (60) suspended (deceased record on DHA)



If you correctly completed all the needed fields and are unable to acquire funding from other platforms, you may file an appeal with SASSA, who will recheck your application and accept your check.

You can do this by going to the SASSA website, selecting “lodge an appeal,” providing your ID card information and cell phone number and then hitting “send SMS.

” A pin will be given to you after a little delay. At this point, enter the pin code online and click the, “Submit” button. You must select both the appeal’s month and the justification for the request. Click the submit button to finish your appeal.


All you have to do to start the reconsideration process is go to their website and click “apply for reconsideration.

” When you submit a request for reconsideration, SASSA is asked to review your application’s specifics. If there is an error, SASSA will resolve the application rejection issue and approve your check.



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