How Old is Nle Choppa?

NLE Choppa is a young American rapper and musician known for his hits and exciting musical style. he became famous after releasing his breakout single “Shotta Flow”.

How Old is Nle Choppa?

NLE Choppa was born on 1 November 2002. And he is 20 years old. He rose to distinction with his 2019 single “Shotta Flow”, which peaked in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

His real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, and he is from Memphis, Tennessee. He welcomed a daughter named Clover on June 2020, with his ex-girlfriend Mariah, known on Instagram as Gorgeeoussss.


Within two weeks of his breakout single ‘Shotta Flow’ in January 2019.  The song gathered more than 300,000 views and 10 million views within a month, making him an internet sensation.

Pitchfork’ piled praises on the song and stated it as the magazine’s ‘Song of the Day.’ In February 2019, he came up with a sequel titled ‘Shotta Flow Pt. 2’ which gathered 20 million views within two months on YouTube.

In March 2019, Choppa was included in Juvenile and Birdman’s song ‘Dreams’ from the album ‘Just Another Gangsta.’ he was also featured In April 2019, in Smokepurpp’s song ‘Double’ from the album ‘Lost Planet.’

His act acknowledged positive reviews from critics, with Bob Mehr predicting ‘more unforgettable Memphis moments’ in his career.


Family & Personal Life

Nle Chopper is famous on social media, his self-titled on his YouTube channel is created on January 27, 2018, with 745K subscribers as of May 2019.

His first video blog named NLE Choppa Cali Vlog features famous YouTubers like Jake Paul. He is also active on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. I also know him for dancing, and frequently post his dance videos on his Instagram page.

Like we generally believe that sons are likely to be close to their mothers. Chopper is one of those in that school of thought. Chopper is close to his mum Angelita Ellis Potts, and she manages his early career.

As a business celebrity, Chopper has an online store that sells clothing and phone case under his brand name No Love entertainment. His dream is to become one of the most famous brands in the united states.

Musical style

He is noted for his “animated vocals”, energetic rapping, and aggressive tone which he notably employed on his breakout single, “shotta flow”.

His musical style has also been described as Melodic and Heavy-hitting Jessica McKinney stated he usually has a wild and rambunctious tone in his verse. He listens to UGK and Lil Wayne as a child.

How many people listen to NLE?

Records confirmed that the 17-year-old hip-hop celebrity is averaging 12.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, making him one of the “300 most-listened-to artists in the world.


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