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Here’s When You Can Collect Your SRD Grant Payment


Here's When You Can Collect Your SRD Grant Payment

If you are wondering when you’ll be able to collect your R350 grant from the post office, Well, keep reading to find out more.


The South African Social Security Agency aims to provide financial support to individuals who are currently unemployed, not receiving any other form of a social grant, and over the age of 18 years old.


In order to support these individuals during the pandemic, SASSA decided to introduce the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant, also known as the R350 grant.

The South African Post Office has released the payment dates for the R350 grant beneficiaries who receive their grants via the Post Office.

The payment days are arranged according to the last three digits of their ID number. The days are as follows:

  • Mondays: 084 & 089
  • Tuesdays: 080 & 085
  • Wednesdays: 081 & 086
  • Thursdays: 082 & 087
  • Fridays: 083 & 088

Beneficiaries are advised to adhere to this schedule as they may not receive their grant if they arrive on the wrong day.


SASSA encourages recipients to wait until they receive an SMS stating that their grant is ready for collection before going to the Post Office. If the grant is not ready, one will be wasting a day at the Post Office for no reason.

Once the SMS has been received, beneficiaries may check which day to collect their payment from the Post Office.

Recipients are urged to check the status of their grant on the SASSA website or wait for an SMS before visiting the Post Office.


Beneficiaries are reminded that they do not need to collect their grants on the first day as their payment will remain in their account until they collect it.


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