What is the Average GPA for ATU? What You Need to Know?

Have you ever wondered about the average GPA for students at Accra Technical University (ATU)? Learn about ATU’s average GPA and how it impacts students’ academic journey. You’ll also get to calculate your chances with their admissions calculator.

What is the Average GPA for ATU?


Here, we’ll teach you the significance of the average GPA and its impact on the academic journey of ATU students.

Whether you’re a prospective student, a current student aiming to improve your grades, or simply curious about ATU’s academic performance, this will provide you with all the necessary information.


What is the Average GPA for ATU?

The average GPA for ATU is 3.37 on a 4.0 scale, requiring consistent B+ grades and scoring around 87-89 per cent in high school.

The average GPA for ATU is a vital metric that represents the overall academic performance of the university’s students.

The term “Grade Point Average,” or simply “GPA,” is a numerical indication of a student’s typical performance throughout all of their courses.

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Normally, a student’s GPA ranges from 0.00 to 4.00, with 4.00 representing the greatest GPA that may be achieved.


CGPA Classifications at Accra Technical University

At ATU, the CGPA system is divided into distinct classifications, each representing different levels of academic achievement. Let’s explore these classifications:

1. Distinction (CGPA 3.5 – 4.0)

Students with a CGPA falling within this range achieve the highest level of academic excellence, earning distinction for their outstanding performance.

2. Credit (CGPA 2.5 – 3.49)

Students within this range demonstrate commendable academic performance, earning the credit classification.

3. Pass (CGPA 1.0 – 2.49)

Students with a CGPA between 1.0 and 2.49 meet the minimum requirements to pass their courses.

4. Fail (CGPA less than 1.0)

Students with a CGPA below 1.0 are considered to have failed their courses.

Classifications for the BA Programme at ATU

In addition to the general CGPA classifications, the BA Programme at ATU has specific classifications for awards. These are based on the student’s CGPA and include the following:

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1. First Class (CGPA 3.5 – 4.00)

The highest level of academic recognition, awarded to students with exceptional performance.

2. Second Class (Upper Division) (CGPA 3.0 – 3.49)

Students falling within this range achieve a commendable second-class honour in the upper division.

3. Second Class (Lower Division) (CGPA 2.5 – 2.99)

This classification is for students who performed well and achieved a second-class honour in the lower division.

4. Third Class (CGPA 2.0 – 2.49)

Students within this range are recognized for their satisfactory academic performance (SAP) with a third-class honour.

5. Pass (CGPA 1.1 – 1.99)

This classification is awarded to students who meet the minimum requirements for a pass.

6. Fail (CGPA less than 1.0)

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Students with a CGPA below 1.0 are considered to have failed their BA Programme.

Calculating the Average GPA for ATU

To determine the average GPA for ATU students, the university calculates the mean CGPA of all students at a specific time. This average GPA reflects the overall academic performance of the student body.

Understanding the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system at Accra Technical University is crucial for students’ academic journey.

The CGPA serves as a representation of a student’s overall performance, and different classifications recognize varying levels of achievement.

Whether you’re aiming for distinction, credit, or aiming to pass, your CGPA at ATU plays a significant role in shaping your academic future.

So, work hard, stay focused, and strive for excellence to make the most out of your academic experience at ATU. you can follow us on any of our social media platforms for more details.


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