VVU eLearning: Bridging the Gap in Education for Remote Areas

VVU eLearning platform helps students gain access to online study, receive information, and chat with their colleagues. We can carry academic activities out from the comfort of our homes.

VVU eLearning: Bridging the Gap in Education for Remote Areas


VVU eLearning

The Valley View University E-Learning platform is a well-designed online platform that aids its users to perform online studies, as well as interacting with colleagues from the same or different departments.

Valley View University (VVU), is a renowned educational institution established in 1979 by the West African Union Mission of Seventh-Day Adventists. Found in the heart of Accra the capital of Ghana.


Another fact to note here is their online courses cut across; Psychology, Nursing, Network Engineering, Computer, and the rest of the courses listed on the E-Learning portal.

Benefits of the VVU eLearning Platform

Listed below are the benefits enjoyed by users of this platform;

1. You can gain full access to all the University’s courses online, in your spare time at home. That means you do not have to travel to study there.

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2. Gadgets as low as mobile phones can access online study on this portal.


3. You can always receive real-time notifications on your mobile devices.

4. If you connect your e-portal to your social media account such as; telegram, then you will receive live updates.

How to Login to the eLearning Platform

You can find below, the easy steps required to join the VVU eLearning platform;

1. Open your browser; ensure you connect to the internet. Visit the University’s Official Website.

2. If you are yet to register, then click on the admissions button and apply online.

3. After gaining admission into the University, you can request your VVU eLearning login details.

4. Go to the top right corner of the website and click on eLearning.

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5. Log in on the eLearning home page. But, you can click here for direct login.

6. Fill out your Student ID in the username

7. Type your password.

8. Finally, click on the login button.

You should see your courses displayed on the Dashboard or the left panel. Remember to log out after every study session.

VVU eLearning Mobile Application

Listed below are guidelines for using the VVU eLearning Mobile Application;

1. Open your Google Play Store App, search Moodle, and click on the install button to install it on your mobile phone (for Android users). You can install the app on App Store. If you are using iOS.

2. Are you done installing? Then open the application, and enter the VVU official eLearning site address:

3. After that, type in your Student ID and Password.

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4. Add your VVU Email to your phone account for a better experience.

Using the VVU E-Learning platform is such a great experience.

You have the same learning opportunity as those on campus. By this, we mean: you will have access to all study materials recommended on campus.

Also, asking questions to get a clear understanding of any topic, allows for a wonderful experience on the VVU online study Platform.

We can then achieve this through communicating with our lecturers or colleagues in the chat section.

Although, the feeling you get when attending lectures in a physical location, is not the same as that attended online.

All things considered, the Valley View University eLearning portal, when used accordingly helps students to study without distance barriers. This favors both Students and Lecturers.

However, this pattern of study suits those that can not leave their homes.



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