University of Kabianga Student Portal – How to Login

You will need a University of Kabianga Student Portal for you to start any school-related activities. It is therefore advised that each student should learn how to log in and access the student portal.

University of Kabianga Student Portal


University of Kabianga Student Portal

The University of Kabianga Student Portal serves as a digital platform where students can conveniently engage in various academic activities, including accessing their results.

For both fresh and continuing students, the University of Kabianga provides accessible online portals, including the Application Portal, where essential links are provided for easy navigation.


The University of Kabianga Students Portal, commonly referred to as the UK Portal, facilitates the registration process for both new and returning students.

It streamlines academic actions such as account creation, logins, application submissions, course exploration, admission status checks, result inquiries, and more.

How to Register/Sign Up University of Kabianga Student PortalĀ 

If you are a new student and don’t have a student account, follow these steps to set up an account for yourself:

1. First visit the UK student portal and click on the sign-up to take you to the registration page.


2. Enter your Student Number in the specified field for username.

3. Create a strong password and enter it in the “Enter your Password” field.

4. Verify your password by entering it again in the “Confirm your Password” field.

5. Then indicate whether you are a Student or Employee by selecting the appropriate option.

6. Click the sign-up or register button to complete the registration process.

7. If you already have an account, click on “Log In” to access it.

8. After registration, check your email for any necessary confirmation or activation steps required to activate your account.

How to Login to the University of Kabianga Student Portal

Follow the steps below to log in and have access to your account:

1. Visit the University of Kabianga Student Portal to start.

2. Enter your username in the designated field.

3. Input the password associated with your username in the provided password field.

4. Click or tap the login button to access your account.

How to Reset Your UK Student Portal Password

Don’t worry if you forgot your password and follow the steps below to recover your password:

1. Click on the “Request New Password” tab to begin the password reset process.

2. Enter your username or e-mail address in the required field.

3. Click the “Email New Password” to proceed with the password reset.

4. Check your registered e-mail inbox for a password reset link sent by the University of Kabianga system.

5. Click on the provided link in your e-mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.

The University of Kabianga created this online portal to meet the needs of both present and prospective students.

It provides an easy-to-use interface for completing academic tasks like applying to the school, looking through the courses that are offered, checking admission status, and reviewing academic results.


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