Trident Tech Student Portal (Access all Student Links)

Trident Tech Student Portal (Access all Student Links) is a comprehensive platform that offers students seamless access to vital resources and information, revolutionizing the educational experience. However, you will get everything about the student’s access links as you continue reading this piece.

Trident Tech Student Portal (Access all Student Links)


Trident Tech Student Portal

You may now access all of your Trident educational requirements in one location because of the TLC Portal’s more robust system and single sign-on functionality.

Naturally, the crew will be at your side the entire time to encourage you. You may start using the Trident Tech Student Portal right now for anything!


You will get a providing quick, simple-to-follow films, and a list of commonly asked questions, along with other tools and resources that will make it easier to navigate

And communicate in your new classroom and throughout the TLC virtual campus besides phone and email help.

To Get Started Use The Login Information Below:

1. Your TLC Homepage: Visit the site in this attributed link


2. Your TLC Portal Username: Your Trident email address

3. Your TLC Portal Password (case sensitive): Your current or University-Assigned TLC Portal password

To resolve other issues, read further.

Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center assists students in navigating academic procedures relating to registration, advising, courses, and transfer by assisting them in using online tools and software.

The Student Resource Center assists with:

D2L Assistance

Please let us know if you need help to figure out your D2L. We can search through your classes in D2L to uncover assignments, grades, messages, and other information.

Please be aware that until one week prior to the start of your first lesson, a brand-new student does not have access to D2L.

If you run into any issues, call 843-574-6864 for technical support or send a D2L Help Request. The college shall adhere to the maintenance schedule listed below to guarantee the correct functionality and security of the D2L Server System.

How to Access Your Course on the Academic D2 L Site

1. Click to log in directly to the college’s online system

2. Login using your username and password.

3.  Your username is your Trident Tech email address, which is normally your first and last name with no spaces

3. You will be required to change your default password the first time you log in.

Click Here for help on how to login

If you cannot log in, try the following steps:

1. You may have already logged into our system previously and changed your password (even if it was a few years ago as a credit student). To reset your password, click here  if you still cannot log in,

2. Email the helpdesk

3. Or give them a call at 843-574-6999

Once you are logged in, access your courses using the links in the box on the top, right-hand side of the Portal.

You’ll want to scroll down, past all the announcements, to find the “My courses” box. You should see your online class listed in that box.

Employment Center

Through one-on-one meetings and courses, the Employment Center helps current students and graduates with workplace skills such as résumé writing, interviewing, and successful job searching.

To assist you with your job search, we provide several computer stations, a large selection of self-help books, and a number of pamphlets and magazines.

Through our online job portal, Career Connection, both current students and graduates may look for employment. Employers in the tricounty region and elsewhere advertise these openings.

By creating a profile, you will also receive notifications about any career fairs, both physical and virtual, as well as any on-campus recruitment activities from large and small businesses.

Free Microsoft Office 365 Access

All TTC students get free access to Office 365 Education for Students, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other applications. To access the register, visit and enter your TTC email address.

MyITLab Registration and Training

Students can receive instruction and evaluation in fundamental computer concepts and software performance abilities through MyITLab. This lesson teaches how to use Microsoft Office online as a training and evaluation tool online.

Preparing for Online Learning

First-time online course enrollment might be a little frightening. Let us provide you with advice and methods for ensuring that your online learning is effective.

South Carolina LIFE Scholarship Assistance

If you are qualified for the SC LIFE Scholarship and have concerns regarding the required amount of credits, how your SC LIFE GPA may differ from your TTC GPA, how to ensure that the scholarship will be renewed for a second year, etc., we can help you understand all of that.

Technology Bootcamp

Academic achievement for students depends on their ability to use and understand TTC’s online resources. This webinar covers the basics of using TTC Express, Desire 2 Learn (D2L), and student email accounts, as well as how to access the my.tridenttech.edu single sign-on student portal.

Transfer 101

The transfer program at TTC is meant to facilitate students’ smooth transitions between colleges. Understanding the processes of the transfer procedure is crucial to achieving your transfer goals.

They may go over the transfer procedure’s phases while providing guidance on how to use SC TRAC and university transfer manuals.

Finally, the Trident Tech Student Portal (Access all Student Links) proves to be an indispensable tool for students.

And also empowering them with easy access to resources and enhancing their educational journey.

Hence, make use of the available information at your fingertips.


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