Top Eight Life Insurance Companies

There are several types of insurance packages of which life insurance is one of the most vital. In fact, everyone should get life insurance as it has several benefits. However, the major challenge may come when choosing the right life insurance company to work with.

Top Eight Life Insurance Companies


There are also several life insurance companies out there, and each of them has the area of their service. Though some may cover all areas of life insurance, others are specific to particular purposes.

In this post, you shall learn about the top life insurance companies with ideas on their mode of operation. It promises to be a highly educational post so ensure you stick with it to the end.


Briefing on Life Insurance

Though you might feel you already know what life insurance is, here’s a little reminder before moving on. When an insurer comes together with a client to sign a contract pertaining to life security, it is life insurance. 

In life insurance, the insurer agrees with the client and signs to pay a specific beneficiary an amount on demise. This amount depends on the agreement in the policy and other factors.

Each company has specific ways they lay out their terms for their policies. Also, they have the various parts of life insurance they focus on. Therefore, you should ensure you’re making the right choice before selecting any company.

Top Life Insurance Companies

Below are the top eight life insurance companies for several life insurance services you seek:

  • Ethos
  • Haven Life
  • State Farm
  • New York Life
  • Policygenius
  • Ladder
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Nationwide
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If you seek the best life insurance provider that will offer you complete coverage for sure, this option is best. Ethos is widely known for multiple reasons, especially its many potential applicants. Also, they offer their services to those who have found it challenging to get insurance earlier, like aging people. 

Another fantastic feature of Ethos is its simple policies and guaranteed coverage. There are no other companies that offer term policies with a guarantee. The guarantee issue whole life policy is only open to individuals aged 65 to 85 years. There are also additional requirements for a person to receive this service.

Speaking of speed, Ethos is also very reliable. Within minutes, a customer can receive a quote without talking to an agent.

Haven Life

There are two types of life insurance – whole life insurance and term life insurance. When you talk of term life insurance, you’re referring to life insurance that covers a specific time. Haven Life is the company that offers you the best term life insurance services.

This company has many customizable term life insurance options with plans offering high death benefits. One of its most considerable plans is its online service where anyone can create a will. 

Another factor is its attractive array of policy terms with coverage amounts as low as $100,000 to $3 million.

However, one of its disadvantages is its limitation in certain countries. Nevertheless, it still operates on a good scale.

State Farm

State Farm is very popular not just in the field of life insurance but also in other varieties of insurance services. However, this is just the beginning, as State Farm has won the hearts of many with its excellent customer experience. Therefore, if your main focus is getting good customer service, you should go for State Farm without second thoughts. 

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State Farm is reliable, efficient, and satisfying, with a good financial record. Still, though the company is excellent, a few loopholes are to consider. Some of these loopholes include their lack of online quotes and their medical exam requirements.

New York Life

New York Life is like the option that follows as an opposite of Haven Life. Where Haven Life is excellent for term life insurance, New York Life is best for whole life insurance. Still, there are options for term life insurance if you prefer.

In New York Life, there is the potential to earn dividends and other bonuses. Though it is highly rated, the major flaw is working with an agent. Also, sadly there are no online quotes available.


Policygenius is your best online broker, offering customers varieties of the best insurance packages from top life insurance companies. However, one of their most prominent qualities is the assurance of the safety of your information. 

Speaking of speed, you can quickly get quotes from more than one insurer on their site. Also, there is diversity in terms of the types of insurance available. However, it may take some time to get to the final price of your policy.

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Many insurance companies are good, but their plans are poor and are not easily adjustable. As its name implies, when you speak of Ladder, you can easily adjust your plans. 

Customers can quickly increase or decrease their coverage as their needs demand. Even on a tight budget, you can still work with Ladder.

Unfortunately, Ladder plans are for between 20 to 60 years. Again, it is open to term coverage alone.

Northwestern Mutual

If you’re someone who wants to customize your policy concerning riders, Northwestern Mutual is a perfect choice. Riders in Life Insurance allow for coverage for loved ones, and under certain conditions, you may receive your benefits. Also, during specific circumstances, you can waive your premiums, like when you become ill.

With Northwestern Mutual, there is much emphasis on riders. Sadly, one must go through agents to purchase their policies. Also, it requires medical exams and has limited online quote materials.


Nationwide is another insurance organization that goes beyond life insurance to offer other packages. However, when it comes to Nationwide is one of the best companies for bundling discounts. 

To enjoy this, one needs to bundle their life insurance rates with other types of coverage the company offers. Hence, it becomes difficult to break their life insurance rates. When you apply for such bundles, you get discounts.

Nationwide is significant for its bundle features. It also has lots of positive reviews on its platform and beyond.


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