Top Canadian Postgraduate Scholarships 2023

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Are you aspiring to further your education in the beautiful country of Canada? Do you find it difficult to raise funds to pursue these goals? The good news is that with Canadian postgraduate scholarships, you can now proceed with your education without worries.

Top Canadian Postgraduate Scholarships


In this post, I’ll be giving you the top 4 Canadian postgraduate scholarships and all the essential things to know. Additionally, the article will contain details about the scholarship, benefits, eligibility requirements, and also info on how to apply. For complete and comprehensive information to help you select rightly, stick with this post to the end.

The top four Canadian Postgraduate Scholarships:

  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • University of Waterloo Master’s Awards for Excellence 
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

This scholarship is one of the best fundings in Canada. Interestingly, it is open to candidates with more focus on those from developing countries. However, only about 15 candidates receive this award. 

Candidates applying for a doctoral program in social sciences and humanities are eligible. Moreover, candidates registered in this same full-time program already are also qualified. Even candidates in their second year of such programs can apply for the scholarship. 


There are so many packages for students applying for this scholarship. It has a monetary value of $40,000 per year and is renewable for three years. Additionally, it offers up to $20,000 yearly as a travel and research allowance. 

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The student also enjoys membership in the community of their Mentors, Scholars, and Fellows. Again, it gives the student a chance among these leadership and change-oriented individuals. 



  • Candidates must have applied to the university for a full-time program in the eligible fields (humanities and social sciences). Furthermore, the school must have also offered them admission. 
  • Canadian citizens at a Canadian or international institution are eligible 
  • The university also accepts a small percentage of non-Canadians 

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Application Process 

You can apply only through the Foundation’s online portal. After your application, sit back and wait for the selection process. Finally, contact your chosen university for more information on the selection process and application deadline. 

University of Waterloo Master’s Awards for Excellence

The International Master’s Award of Excellence (IMAE) is one of the best fundings from the University of Waterloo. It is for students who aim for research-based Master’s degree programs in the institution. However, the university favors those who show academic excellence in their previous program. 

The target students are those coming from other countries around the world. Each faculty will nominate their eligible students from applicants using the Faculty’s award allocation. 


The value of the scholarship is $2,500 for a term. It lasts for not more than five terms. 


All applicants must:

  • Be international students with a Canadian study permit 
  • Have gotten admission for a full-time program at the university
  • Be entering their program for the first time
  • Portray high academic standing as the faculty illustrates
  • Meet every other demand of the program they are planning to undergo
  • Not have probationary admission requirements
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Application Process 

On applying for admission, the platform instantly considers you. 

The various departments and faculties will screen each of their applicants. Then, they will forward a shortlist containing the names of those they nominate for the scholarship. Visit the website for more details on the deadline for the Master’s degree program.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba offers its Graduate Fellowships (UMGF) awards to students who merit them. Faculty of Graduate Studies offers more than $2 million to eligible students each year. 

It is open to any student from around the world with no restrictions to the country. Also, it is available to any full-time graduate degree program (Masters or Ph.D.) the university offers. However, it doesn’t extend to those in the Faculty of Medicine and the Master of Business Administration.

UMGF recognizes students with outstanding academic excellence. It favors those with a higher academic standing and more achievements in their previous program.


The monetary value of the scholarship varies with the program in question. Candidates of the UMGF Master’s awards enjoy $14,000 per year. This amount is renewable for another 12 months to give $28,000.

Candidates of the UMGF Doctoral awards enjoy $18,000 every year. It is renewable for up to four years to give $72,000.


The two significant factors of eligibility for this program are:

  • Students must have applied for a full-time Master’s or Ph.D. program. The university must have also offered them admission to a graduate program.
  • All applicants must attain a GPA of at least 3.0 for the award. Additionally, ensure you contact your department for more information on the GPA requirement.
  • Candidates may check the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) Award Holder’s Guide for more info.
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Application Process

The application process is relatively straightforward. All applicants should consult their various units for the procedures and deadlines as it varies with departments. The department will recommend the students they select to the faculty of Graduate Studies.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This funding aims for world-class doctoral students from around the world. It attracts students with high potential, offering them what they need for their education. Vanier CGS aims to make Canada a global center of research and higher education. 


It has a value of $50,000 annually. This amount is renewable for three years to give $150,000. It covers all schooling costs. 


Below are some of the criteria for the scholarship:

  • Candidates must be pursuing their first doctoral degree. 
  • Applicants must come in through a nomination from a Canadian institution with a Vanier CGS quota. 
  • They must all be first-class students. 
  • Only those who intend to pursue a doctoral degree are eligible. 
  • They must not have held a doctoral degree.

Visit the scholarship site for more info on eligibility. 

Application Process 

The application works through nomination from an institution. Hence, candidates can not apply directly for the Vanier CGS program. 

Therefore, students should prepare their applications and submit them to the institution. The body will proceed from there. 

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