Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The STUDY IN NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.




The STUDY IN NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.


Applications for STUDY IN NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.


Here are some brief descriptions of the top STUDY IN NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY.

Nanyang Technological University Ranking

Nanyang University although young has embraced the challenge to sit up to other institutions. Therefore, the University is globally ranked in the 11th position in the QS Global World Ranking.

The College Of Engineering and has been ranked 2nd in the Academic Ranking of Universities and 4th in QS Global World Ranking.


Nanyang Business School is the best business school in Singapore. It is globally recognized as the 24th best business school in the world and the 1st according to the Economist rankings.

Nanyang Technological University Admission and Acceptance Rate

Nanyang University admits over 8,000 students yearly to study in its diverse departments under its faculties. This gives the University an admission rate between 20-30%.

To gain admission to the University, they must enlist you as an undergraduate, graduate, or non-graduating student.

Getting admission as an undergraduate

To get admitted into Nanyang University as an undergraduate, you need to meet the qualification requirements. These requirements for admission demand;

  • A Singapore Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level
  • Diploma awarded by a polytechnic in Singapore
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • International Qualifications from any school for an International student

Students from the five polytechnics in Singapore can apply for a three-year part-time programme in Bachelor of Engineering.

To gain admission for Masters

To gain admission as a graduate student to do your Master’s program you would have a good Bachelor’s degree.

It also demands proficiency in speaking and writing English and if you come from a non-English-speaking nation, you would present evidence from TOEFL or IELTS that validates your linguistic ability.

For an existing final year student, you can apply for the Master’s program using your provisional degree certificate or a document that clearly states your yearly results.

The university will demand your original degree certificate and transcript on the day of your admission and failure to provide them can mean taking away your admission.

If you can’t produce the documents on that date, get a letter from your University that validates you as their student.

The timeline for a full-time Master’s program is 1 year.

To gain admission for your Ph.D.

To gain admission for a Ph.D. research program at the university, the candidate must have second class upper honors.

A valid GRE/GMAT for applicants who are not graduates of Singapore University and for non-English speaking applicants, a valid document that proves your proficiency of which your test date is not over 2 years back.

Only photocopies of the above materials are needed as candidates that are admitted will pass a qualification exam within a specific period.

The timeline for a full-time Ph.D. programme is 1.5 years while that of part-time is 2 years.

  • Getting admission as a non-graduating student
  • Local exchange students

To get admission into the local exchange programme, as a student of an affiliate university, you will write some NTU courses while at your university.

Your admission can’t be guaranteed as there are always an influx of students who wish to be part of the programme.

International exchange students

The GEM Trailblazer enables study overseas for some months.

The semester-long exchange summer programme and January programme.


Asian undergraduate students are the only ones selected to take part in the TFI LEaRN Program @ NTU will develop a strong sense of cross-cultural intelligence, possess a global mindset with a sustained network of friends and colleagues for regional networking among the development of Asia.


Nanyang campus is one of the most organized and beautiful campuses among all other universities in the world.

It provides accommodation in units for undergraduates, graduates, and off-campus housing. They have their banks, food stores, sports, and recreation centers.

Undergraduate Housing

There are 24 halls of residence for NTU with an average of 600 students per hall. They have double rooms which are well furnished. There are communal lounges, reading rooms, laundry rooms, and pantries with washing machines and dryers. The halls are;

  • Crescent Hill
  • Pioneer Hall
  • Binjai Hall
  • Tanjong Hall
  • Nanyang Crescent Hill

Graduate Housing

There are two halls for graduate students on the campus. These halls house international students too. There are rental fees that are paid for this house.

Faculty Housing

Faculty housing at Nanyang University consists of six clusters of residential buildings that are very close to each other and are in the residential zone on the campus.

These houses comprise apartment blocks, semi-detached, and the units have 2 or 3 bedrooms. Some close by infrastructures include the Chinese garden and the Science center.

These faculty houses include;

  • Nanyang Heights
  • Nanyang Terrace
  • The Nanyang Grove
  • Nanyang Valley
  • The Nanyang View
  • Nanyang Meadows

Nanyang University Off-Campus Housing

The university doesn’t administer off-campus housing, but it generated a portal where students who want to stay off-camp can access vacant accommodation that is up for rent.

Nanyang Executive Center

This is a centre that was built to host seminar, retreats, and training. The center has 170 guest rooms that are comfortable and well suited for work. It boasts of a complimentary wi-fi service to help you stay on the internet while you thrive.

Sports and Recreation Centers

The Sports & Recreation Center attends to the sporting and recreation needs of the university and community. They seek to provide a complete learning experience for you the student as they strongly believe that participation in competitive sports and recreation activities are an integral part of university education.

They strongly engage in handball, football, basketball, chess, martial arts, snooker, archery, swimming, rugby, water polo just to name a few.

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The sports team of Nanyang University has an acrostic for the word S.P.I.R.I.T.

S- Sportsmanship: They believe that you either lose or win and this shouldn’t bring enmity.

P- Perseverance: Determination is the core strength. Keep pushing when it gets tough.

I- Integrity: To always depict uprightness, honesty and sincerity in their participation.

R- Respect: To have mutual for each other and honour their officials too.

I- Inspiration: A total belief in their abilities and how what they do it inspires others.

T- Teamwork: That teamwork is essential and no team member is bigger than the entire team.

More About The Sport Facilities At Nanyang University

The sports facilities at Nanyang University include sports halls, squash courts, multipurpose court, main football field, swimming complex, street soccer court, archery range, multipurpose field, athletic gym, etc.

There is a high level of discipline in Nanyang University and especially in their sporting team as anyone caught defaulting will pay a fine.

If you are caught a second time, it could lead to your banishment from using any sports facility thereby hindering you from participating in any sports activity.

The University competed in sporting programs that are held all over Asia and in the world. They are well known and respected because of their sporting teams.

Some local competitions that the university takes part in are Singapore University Games, Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games, and national leagues.

They give sports grants to athletes that have contributed tremendously and lifted the University in a sporting activity. The awarded grant is worth $2,000.

Nanyang Technological University Campus Clubhouse

The campus clubhouse of the Nanyang University offers facilities for a reading room, to a multi-purpose studio, a pavilion dining, a toddler’s room, and an outdoor courtyard.

They can use it as an 80 seater hall to host programs or seminars and a meeting room that can host up to six people is also available.

In addition, the upgraded gym is your best choice for an effective workout section as it has standard equipment. The campus clubhouse also offers you recreation space.

Food and Beverage

You can’t be hungry when you are at Nanyang University Campus as there are cafes, eateries, and restaurants that are available.

These eateries include the North spine plaza, Hall F&B, and the South spine. The other places that serve this purpose of refreshment include Cosmo bar and coffee works, Coffee bean and tea leaf, Liho, Subway @ SCC, O’ Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe@ LKC Medicine, Co-op @ NTU café, café4You @ SPMS, and Sukho Thai @ WKWSCI.

Retail stores

From supermarkets to book stores to convenience stores, the Nanyang University has it all. So whether you are seeking to get groceries, buying a book, or even borrowing one, needing to make use of a computer system, and seeking opportunities to lease a place, you don’t seek to struggle so much.


What type of service do you need? There are banks and ATM centers to help you withdraw and keep your money safe, there are health clinics that can assist you with your health challenges in cognizance with the dental clinic for tooth problems.

Whether you need to print/photocopy any material or you need to take care of your hair which includes barbing, weaving, plaiting, washing, etc.

There is also a childcare center for students that are parents and who will need to keep their children somewhere safe where they can learn and be taken care of while they study.

Transportation and Mobility

There are different transportation services that are run in Singapore which are allowed to run too in Nanyang University. So for you the student, you have a myriad of options available as a means of transportation from outside the school and even within the school.

There are bus services, train services, shuttle bus services which move basically inside the University, taxi services and finally car services for those who want to ride their own vehicles. There are also spaces that are provided for car parks for vehicle owners.

Campus security

The campus security is readily available to deal with any case amounting to theft, robbery and even campus violations. They have a hotline with which students can contact them every day and every time.

Nanyang Technological University Programmes

From a selection of programs that are boisterous, you can expect Nanyang University to offer excellence in their training.

You can take up a course of your choice from their diverse courses and be able to grow and integrate your business or enterprise through the Global program run by the university.

There is a provision of a course list and the duration that these programmes run and there is also another list that portrays minor programmes in the school and how you can participate in them.

NUT runs both graduate, undergraduate, special and global programmes for its range of courses.

Nanyang Technological University Undergraduate programmes

These programmes are for those who seek to be awarded a bachelor’s degree. The program usually spans for nothing less than three years. In NUT, you can get access to programmes under the undergraduate programme by area of interest or by type.

For those who would like an area of interest, the following options are available to you;

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Accountancy and Business
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Art, Design & Media
  • Communication Studies
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Education
  • Humanities
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Engineering
  • ​​Science
  • Medicine
  • Social Science Sport Science

Then if you are interested in a type of programme under the bachelor programme;

  • Double Degree Program
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Double Major Program
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Premier Scholars
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Special Programs
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Undergraduate Research
  • ​​​​​​​​​​Part-Time Programs

Nanyang Technological University Graduate Programmes

The graduate programs are classified into coursework and research. Coursework deals with those interested in a master’s degree while research has to do with those interested in a doctorate degree.

Nanyang University is identified and marked by its potent and rigid international relationships and collaboration with leading international institutions which are hallmarks in the world.

All global partners are making crucial and tremendous efforts to make the university become a global university of excellence.

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These international collaborative efforts which occurred between NTU and overseas educational institutions have led to dual/joint degree programs.

This has made it possible for students to study under the same faculty from both universities and attend classes at both campuses.

A colossal/massive chunk of these joint programs which are offered includes Singapore-University of Washington Alliance in Bioengineering and Financial Engineering with Carnegie Mellon University.

The Degree Programs

The degree programmes offered by coursework which can be part-time or full time are;

  • Nanyang Business School
  • School of Art, Design, and Media
  • The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
  • The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Humanities
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences
  • Nanyang Centre for Public Administration
  • Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
  • Rajaratnam School of International Studies
  • Wealth Management Institute
  • National Institute of Education

The programs which are offered by research also include;

  • Asian School of Environment
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate School
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • National Institute of Education
  • The School of Art, Design and Media
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Nanyang Business School
  • The School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Humanities
  • The School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Social Sciences
  • Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Nanyang Technological University Global programmes

These include programs that have to do with students of other universities and non-students too. These programs seek to enhance the potentials and abilities of young people so that they can be involved and influence the system.

The student exchange program is one such that avails the student the opportunity to study for a semester or two on a short-term basis.

These global programmes are;

  • Student exchange and short-term mobility programmes
  • International Relations
  • The NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity

Special Programmes

College of Professional and Continuing Education

In response, and with total undisputed coherence to the government’s emphasis on advancing adult education and professional development for Singapore’s workforce to tackle future challenges.

NTU established the College of Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE College) to consolidate the continuance in education, core training capabilities, and expertise within the university. The founding Dean of PaCE College is Professor Ting Seng Kiong.

PaCE College deeply aids in the development of programmes that help continuance of professional education and development, to equip

Singapore managers, professionals and executives (PMEs) with updated knowledge and skills to help them keep in touch with the rapid advancement and technological changes in today’s very competitive economy and industrial landscape.

PaCE College will do take a gigantic step towards their goal by leveraging on NTU’s world-renowned faculty and potent industrial connections to aid working adults to upgrade, update and upskill in their journey to attain their goals and educational aspirations.

All credit-bearing courses are attracted or birthed through undergraduate and graduate academic programmes across a wide spectrum of disciplines and PaCE College also offers executive, personal development and enrichment non-credit courses.

The College thus gives a viable and cogent offer of multiple educational pathways to intellectual, professional, and creative development through its continuing education programmes.

Institutes and Centers

For their deep love for education, there are many institutes and centers in this University which have been built to prod the dream of the University to build a standard of education that will improve the society.

There are autonomous institutes and centers in Nanyang University in tandem with others. These autonomous institutes include;

  • Chinese Heritage Centre
  • Earth Observatory of Singapore
  • National Institute of Education
  • Rajaratnam School of International Studies
  • Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering
  • Wealth Management Institute

The other institutes and centers include;

  • Air Traffic Management Research Institute (ATMRI)
  • Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE@NTU)
  • Energy Research Institute @ NTU
  • Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Institute of Asian Consumer Insight
  • Language and Communication Centre
  • Institute for Media Innovation
  • Institute for Sports Research
  • Nanyang Centre for Public Administration
  • Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute
  • Confucius Institute
  • Nanyang Technopreneurship Center
  • NTU Institute for Health Technologies (Health tech NTU)
  • Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • ​NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity
  • Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab​​​
  • NTU Centre for Contemporary Art
  • NTU Institute of Structural Biology
  • Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore​
  • NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies
  • SAF-NTU Academy
  • Singapore Centre for the Chinese Language

​Nanyang Technological University Colleges and Schools with their Departments

Nanyang Technological University boasts of nine colleges/schools which subsequently have departments under them. These nine colleges/schools are;

  • Nanyang Business School
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine(LKCSOM)
  • College of Science
  • College of Professional and Continuing Education
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate School
  • National Institute of Education
  • Rayaratnam School of International Studies

Nanyang Business School

The Nanyang Business School is a three year direct Honours degree programme in Accountancy and Business.

It is the only school among three other business schools in Asia and the only business school in Singapore to be awarded by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIPS) as an accredited center.

It is one of the core 100 MBA programmes.

Nanyang Technological University College of Engineering

This is one of the largest engineering colleges which is focused on engineering and technology. It offers specialization in multi-disciplinary programs and also on double degrees, double majors, and integrated programs.

Under this college are the following schools;

  • The School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
  • School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • The School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The college of humanities, arts, and social sciences is a fast-paced and growing journalism and media school for its humanities and social sciences schools which has a mix and makes a perfect blend of distinctive niches.

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This university plays host to the first art school in Singapore. They are;

  • The School of Art, Design and Media
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Social Sciences
  • Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
  • Nanyang Technological University College of Science

The college of Science runs a direct honour degree programme in physical mathematics and life sciences. There is also an Asian school of environment which offers a bachelor’s degree in Environmental earth systems.

This new discipline is focused on Asian environmental challenges. A double degree program is run by the school of biological sciences in biomedical sciences and Traditional Chinese medicine with Beijing University China.

The schools in this college include;

  • School of Biological Sciences 
  • School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 
  • The Asian School of the Environment

Nanyang Technological University College of Professional and Continuing Education

The College of Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE College) deeply aids in the development of programs that help the continuance of professional education and development.

Also to equip Singapore managers, professionals, and executives (PMEs) with updated knowledge and skills to help them keep in touch with the rapid advancement and technological changes in today’s very competitive economy and industrial landscape.

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine(LKCSOM)

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCSOM) has formed a partnership between NTU and Imperial College London with which they plan on training a generation of doctors.

All graduates of the undergraduate medical degree program will possess an understanding of a scientific basis. The school aims to be a future model for innovative medical education.

Interdisciplinary Graduate School

The Interdisciplinary Graduate School has a core focus on research areas within the secure community, health society, and global Asia. Every research cuts across disciplines that are beyond school-based programs.

National Institute of Education

National Institute of Education can tentatively be defined or addressed as an autonomous institute and also ranks as Singapore’s only teacher-training institute. This institute is internationally recognized, and it provides counsel to countries on educational affairs.

Rayaratnam School of International Studies

The S. Rayaratnam School of International Studies is an autonomous graduate institution. It comprises the Institute Of Defence and Strategic Studies and it is highly recognized as an authority in Strategic Studies and Terrorism in the world.

Nanyang Technological University Tuition Fees

The tuition fee paid in Nanyang University will depend highly on the program and the course of study. Here is a table that shows the distribution of tuition fees.

Programme of Study Subsidised Students Non-Subsidised 
(not receiving
tuition grant)
(inclusive of GST) 
Singapore Citizens1 Singapore Permanent Residents1 International Students   (Inclusive of GST)
·         All Programmes (except for those listed below) S$8,050 S$11,250 S$17,100 S$31,460
·         Accountancy   ·         Business ·         Accountancy & Business (Double Degree) ·         Business & Computing (Double Degree) ·         Business & Computer Engineering (Double Degree) S$9,250 S$12,950 S$19,700 S$36,280
·         Medicine S$33,200 S$46,500 S$70,500 Not  Applicable
·         Renaissance Engineering Programme S$17,500 S$24,500 S$37,350 Not  Applicable

Note: Amounts that are exclusively quoted do not contain GST. This is because the fee is subsidized by the Ministry.

However, international students from all nationalities, both on subsidized and non-subsidized tuition should note that the fee which is quoted is inclusive of GST. GST is 7% and the student bears the cost of paying it.

Nanyang Technological University Scholarships

Nanyang University has a lot of scholarship opportunities to offer to students on different programs. The scholarships are classified into Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships.

Nanyang Technological University Undergraduate Scholarship

Nanyang University offers a range of scholarships to students of the university. This incorporates freshmen and student who are already studying (undergraduates).

These scholarship opportunities for freshmen range from those for Singapore citizen to those who have permanent residence.

Scholarship Eligibility

Current undergraduates or freshmen on subsidized fees meet the criteria and are deemed eligible. Freshmen can submit their applications online.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship value is quoted at $16,000 maximum and it is palatable for the academic year.

The institution offers these first set of scholarship;

  • Nanyang Scholarship
  • College Scholarship
  • W. Barker Scholarship
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Scholarship ​
  • LKC Medicine Scholarship
  • LKY-STEP Award
  • NTU-University Scholars Programme (NTU-​USP) Scholarship
  • Renaissance Engineering Programme Scholarship
  • Toh Kian Chui Scholarship
  • University Engineering Scholarship
  • Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award
  • Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund Undergraduate Scholarship

The next set of scholarships for freshmen are administered by external organizations

  • AGD Accountancy Scholarship
  • AGO Auditing Service Scholarship
  • BCA-Industry Built Environment Scholarship
  • APB Foundation Scholarship for Students with Physical Disabilities
  • BCA Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Co-Operative Scholarship
  • Dr. Goh Keng Swee Scholarship
  • Energy-Industry Scholarship
  • Howe Yoon Chong PSA Scholarships
  • JTC Scholarship
  • Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarship
  • Maritime ONE Scholarship
  • Microsoft Youth Spark Scholarship
  • Smart Nation Scholarship
  • MPA Scholarship
  • National Environment & Water (NEW) Scholarship
  • National Infocomm Scholarship NIS
  • Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)
  • SLA Undergraduate Scholarship (Full-Term)
  • MOE Teaching Scholarship
  • Spring Executive Development Scholarship
  • Yayasan Mendaki Scholarship

Nanyang Technological University Graduate Scholarship

There is a list of scholarship which are given to graduate students both by the institution and external organizations.

For residents of Singapore

  • Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship
  • NTU Research Scholarship

For international applicants

  • Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship
  • NTU Research Scholarship
  • Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship

Scholarships which are sponsored by private organizations now include;

  • APEC Scholarship
  • A*STAR Graduate Scholarship (Open to Singaporeans, Singapore PRs, and non-Singaporeans who are eligible and intending to take up Singapore citizenship)
  • Economic Development Board Industrial Postgraduate Programme (EDB-IPP)
  • EDB Scholarship
  • Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship
  • MSc (TIP) Financial Grants
  • Nanyang Fellows Scholarship
  • Ngee Ann Kongsi Postgraduate Scholarships (Social Sciences)
  • Muhammad Ariff Ahmad (MAS) Postgraduate Scholarship
  • NGS (Water) Scholarship
  • NTU-MBA Scholarship
  • Pradap Kow Scholarship
    • PSC Masters Scholarship
    • SCELSE Ph.D. Scholarship
    • SCOR Ph.D. Scholarship
    • SMART Ph.D. Scholarship
    • Tan Poey Quee NIE Doctor Education (NIE-EdD) Scholarship
    • Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory

All scholarships are for students on full-time study.

Nanyang Technological University Notable Alumni

Nanyang University has produced outstanding individuals who have made grave effects on their society and organizations. Some of these individuals are;

  • Ang Mong Seng–Former MP
  • Intan Azura Mokhtar–MP, Assistant Professor at National Institute of Education
  • Lee Bee Wah–MP
  • Low Yen Ling–MP, Parliamentary Secretary
  • Masagos Zulkifli – MP, Minister for Environment & Water Resources
  • Sim Ann–MP, Minister of State
  • Inderjit Singh–Former MP
  • Annette Lee – actress, writer, singer-songwriter
  • Vincy Chan–Cantopop singer
  • Lee Teng–television host
  • Ng Hui–actress
  • Rui En–actress
  • Joanne Peh–actress
  • Michelle Saram–actress
  • Diana Ser–journalist, former Channel News Asia news presenter, actress, host
  • Stefanie Sun–singer
  • Alan Tern–actor
  • Jerry Yeo–actor
  • Zhu Zhiqiang–g
  • Dipna Lim Prasad–National Hurdler
  • C. Kunalan – Former National Sportsman, and Educator at the National Institute of Education
  • Calvin Kang Li Loong – National Sprinter

The official website of Nanyang University is


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