List Of Courses Offered at Stenden University South Africa

SUSA Courses: Stenden University South Africa (SUSA) Courses… The SUSA Courses are available online. Applicants can apply available courses/programmes offered at SUSA approved by management. This page will show you all the information you need.

Stenden University South Africa (SUSA) Courses is online now. Applicant can apply online through this page.


The Stenden University South Africa advice applicants before applying for any courses of the institution they should Read all the information you need to put in an application using the Stenden University South Africa Courses below.

List of All Courses Offered at SUSA

These are the list of Courses at SUSA:

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First Year

Hospitality Operations (HO), Guest Experience (GE), Resources, and Real World Learning (RWL).

In their first year of study, students start at an operational level, working in the kitchen production process, familiarising themselves with essential practical skills such as:

  • The basics of hygiene and cooking and cutting techniques
  • Waiting techniques
  • Learning about wine
  • Learning about nutrition
  • Cost calculations
  • Operating the reception and housekeeping departments

Second Year


The second year focuses on the operational functions of a hotel. This is studied from 3 perspectives:

  • Operations Design: discusses how to set up operations which support the service concept of a company.
  • Hospitality Operations Performance: the day to day management of operations.
  • Hospitality Operations Environment: the context in which operations take place, with an emphasis on financial and legal issues.
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To support the students further development as a future manager, there is also a choice of Minor specialization. Students may chose from the following Minors:

  • Event Management 1
  • Lodge Management
  • Change and Innovation
  • Online Revenue Management
  • Wildlife Management
  • International Human Resource Management

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