List of Courses offered at Kenya Institute of Professional Studies

List of Courses offered at Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
The Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS) list of courses/programmes Offered Undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate, Masters, PhD courses as listed below.
All candidates that have an interest in studying in the college are to take note is these courses:
Here is a list of courses or programmes offered at Kenya Institute of Professional Studies

List of Courses/Programmes Offered at Kenya Institute of Professional Studies (KIPS)

School of Hospitality
•    Diploma in Air cargo service
•    Diploma in Airport Operations
•    Diploma in Cabin crew
•    Diploma in Travel & Tourism
•    Diploma in Hospitality management
•    Diploma in Tourism Business studies
•    Diploma in Food preparation & Culinary Arts
•    Diploma in Leisure & Tourism Management
School of Development
•    Diploma in Community development & Social work
•    Advance Diploma in Project Management
•    Diploma in Community Development
•    Certificate in Social Development
School of Health & Applied Sciences
•    Diploma in Human nutrition & Dietetics
•    Diploma/Certificate  in Medical Laboratory Science
•    Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
•    Diploma in Managing Health & Safety
School of Journalism & Media studies
•    Diploma/Certificate in Journalism
•    Diploma in Journalism & Media studies
•    Diploma/Sound Engineering & Music Technology
•    Diploma in Media Techniques
School of Engineering
•    Diploma in Mechanical  Engineering
•    Diploma in Civil engineering
•    Diploma in Building Technology
•    Diploma in Architecture
•    Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
•    Diploma in Telecommunication Theory
•    Diploma in Applied Telecommunication
•    Advance Diploma in Refrigeration & Air condition
•    Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
•    Diploma in Aircraft  maintenance
•    Award in CCTV operations
•    Awards in Security guarding
•    Electrical Wireman
•    Diploma in Motor Vehicle Systems
School of Hairdressing & Beauty
•    Diploma/Certificate in Beauty Therapy
•    Diploma/Certificate in Hairdressing
•    Diploma/Certificate in Barbering
•    Diploma/Certificate in Salon management
•    Diploma in Training of Trainers
School of Computing & Informatics
•    Diploma/Certificate in ICT
•    Diploma/Certificate in Information Systems
•    Diploma/Advance Diploma in Computer Software Engineering
•    Diploma in Computer Engineering
School of Business
•    Diploma/Certificate in Supply Chain Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Business Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Human resource Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Sales & Marketing
•    Diploma/Certificate in Information studies
•    Diploma/Certificate in Entrepreneurship
•    Diploma/Certificate in Business Management
•    Diploma/Certificate in Reception services
•    Diploma/Certificate in Public Relations
•    Diploma/Certificate in Procurement & Supply operations
•    Diploma in Office Management
•    Diploma in Accounting & Finance
•    ATC/CPA
•    Diploma in Shipping & Logistics
•    Diploma in Banking & Finance
1. Diploma in Marketing, Advertising & ublicPublic Relation (ICM)
2. Diploma in Purchasing & Supply (ICM)
3. Craft in Business Management (KNEC)
4. Diploma in Business Management (KNEC)
5. Craft in Human resource management (KNEC)
6. Craft in Sales & Marketing (KNEC)
7. Diploma in Sales & Marketing (KNEC)
8. Craft in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
9. Diploma in Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
10. Diploma in Certified Public Accountants Course (KASNEB) f
11. Craft in Secretarial Studies (KNEC)
12. DiplomaI in ATD (KASNEB)
13.Trade Test I-III in Electrical Wireman (NITA)
14. TradeTestI-III in Motor vehicle Eectrician (NITA)
15. Diploma in Beauty Therapy (C & G)
16.Diploma in Hairdressing (C & G)
17. Diploma in Building Technology (KNEC)


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