iPhone vs Android: the final showdown to determine which is best

Although the iPhone vs Android battle has gone on for ages, both phone types are high in demand with millions of loyal users on both ends. If you’re a bit on the fence on which team you belong to, we’ve compiled the ultimate showdown to help you make the decision.


But first, here are the unique features each phone type has.

Unique features of iPhones

  • With iPhones, you’re at liberty to opt-out of apps that can track you like Facebook. In other words, iPhones offer ultimate security to users.
  • iPhones work smoothly with macs. It allows you to relate well and you can switch your work at will also.
  • You’re eligible for quick software updates with this smartphone, anytime you want to, unlike android which takes a lot of time to update.
  • iPhone offers great resale value to users. So you know that you’d be getting your exact money’s worth when you want to sell. 
  • You can share features like iBook, and iTunes purchased from the Apple play store with your loved ones and family members.

What makes android stand out

  • It allows users to design their smartphones according to their tastes and preferences.
  • The phone gives you the option of expanding the phone’s storage. If need be, you can just opt for a memory card.
  • Using USB ports for android is much more effective, compared to the lightning cable of iPhones.
  • Android phones are always the first to get new creative features.
  • People can easily buy an android because they’re available at all prices. Which account for its popularity over iPhones.

Android vs iOS: Which do you prefer?

Before you make the decision of picking a side, know that each device offers unique features that benefit its users. However, you have to try out the two first to see which works for you. For instance, android phones like Oppo and Umidigi offer a superior gaming experience while iPhones offer more security. For camera quality, it ranges among phone brands and you can get decent to high-grade cameras on both ends. You can get a decent samsung phone with amazing camera quality and the same applies to, say, an iphone 11.

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