Inscape Design College Application Status 2023

Checking Your Inscape Design College Application Status might be challenging and confusing at the same time. That is why on this page we have compiled easy step which one can follow to check their application status. So, carefully read through this page.

Inscape Design College Application Status 2023

How to Check Inscape Design College Application Status

You’re eager to know if your application is accepted or decline.

Below, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check your Inscape Design College application status online.

Step 1: Access Application Portal

The first step to take is to open the Inscape Design College official website.

All you need is access to the internet and a mobile device or a laptop.

The next thing you have to do is to open your web browser and search for Inscape Design College official website.

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Alternatively, You can access the website click on this “” or typing it into the search bar.

Step 2: Go to Application Status Page

Once you are on the Inscape Design College website’s homepage, click on the “Admissions” section.

In most cases, you can find this in the top menu bar.

And if you are using your mobile phone Click the nav menu icon to reveal the Admissions page.

Step 3: Provide Your Details

On the Application Status page, you will be prompted to enter your  personal details.

Meanwhile, before you even proceed to this point. Please have the following information ready:

  • Your Application Reference Number
  • Full Name
  • Your Date of Birth
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Step 4: Submit Your Request

After entering your details, click on the Submit button or Check Status button.

This will initiate the process of checking your application status.

Once the system has processed your request, your application status will be displayed on the screen. You may receive one of the following statuses:

Application Received: This means that your application has been successfully submitted and is in the queue for review.

Application under Review: This means that your application is currently being evaluated by the admission officers.

Accepted: This message bring nothing but joy to any student you applied. What this means is you’ve been granted admission to MGI.

Not Accepted: Unfortunately, what this means is that your application has not been approved. You may consider reapplying in the future or contacting the admissions office for further clarification.

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Note: If you have any questions or concerns about your application status, don’t hesitate to reach out to school admissions office.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know how to reach out to the admission office. Kindly check the contact us page. You will find the contact details there.

In conclusion, checking your application status is relevant. Ensure that you follow the steps that we provided here.

We wish you the best of luck with your application. And if you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the school.

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