How To Self Massage Your Body

If you’ve ever suffered from neck pain, you know what it’s like: one minute you’re fine, the next you’re seeing stars and can’t even move your head. It seems that nothing can relieve you of this agony except a good massage, and you would give anything to have that. If you don’t have anyone to help you, don’t worry: you can do it yourself! The best part is that all you need is your hands and a towel.



We’ve selected a few self-massage techniques for neck pain relief and hope you find one that helps. And don’t miss our additional article with neck stretching exercises that can enhance the effect of self-massage!


   • Towel Massage

A towel massage can help relax tense neck muscles and restore mobility. At the same time, the towel is gentle and does not put too much pressure on the neck to avoid damaging it.

A towel also helps your lower back, which affects your entire spine and posture, as well as your neck. You can simply put a rolled up towel behind your back at the office, in the car or even in the living room on the couch if you spend too much time sitting in the same position.

Another advantage of the towel is that it can be warm or hot: If the towel is warm, it can increase blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the neck and lower back. Extra heat usually helps these areas, but if the body is swollen, ice is recommended. Placing a towel over the neck and shoulders can relax tense muscles, making the shoulders less tense.

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Place the towel behind your neck. With your right hand, grasp the left end of the towel and pull it down over your chest. With your left hand, take the right end of the towel and pull it up and to the left along your forehead, so that your head turns to the left side of the towel, as you can see in the image above. Make several movements, turn your head to the left and release the pressure. Repeat on the other side. Be careful not to pull too hard on the towel or make any sudden movements.

Place the towel behind your neck. Pull the towel forward with both hands while pressing lightly on your neck. Slowly turn your head to the left and hold this position for a few seconds. Slowly turn your head to the right and hold for a few seconds. Pull the towel forward as you turn. Be careful not to pull too hard on the towel or make any sudden movements.



Back Of The Neck Muscle Massage 

Massaging the neck, as well as the neck and shoulders in general, relaxes muscle tissue and promotes blood circulation. Neck pain can be relieved by using the hands, especially since it is easy to reach. Normally, a massage requires the activation of other muscles in order to relax the muscles being massaged. Although a professional massage sounds wonderful, there are actually many advantages to being your own masseur!

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First of all, you get to know and understand your body better and you can easily pick out the area where you feel the most pain. Also, in terms of long-term benefits, a professional massage does not usually eliminate tension. While it may be helpful in the short term, it may not be helpful in the long term. So it’s best to learn on your own and indulge yourself from time to time.

Place your left hand on the neck muscle behind the left ear as shown. Press lightly on the area with your soft fingers. Slowly turn your head to the right and apply pressure at the same time. Make sure the fingers do not move, only the head moves.

Repeat the process on the other side. See this video for detailed instructions. Repeat this cycle several times until you feel relief.

Massage the same area with your fingers in gentle circular motions to promote circulation and relieve tension.


Side Muscle Squeezing

Sit with your back straight. Place your hands on the sides of your neck. Tilt your head back a little and let it fall gently to the left. Tighten the back muscles in your left neck so that they are firm but comfortable. Then gently lower your head to the right. Now contract the back muscles of the right neck. Then contract the muscles on the right and left sides, starting at the base of the neck and slowly working your way up. See this video for detailed instructions.

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Suboccipital Muscle Massage 

It can be a very pleasant massage to relieve pain in the back of the head. It can even be considered the best, as its effects range from a simple feeling of well-being to an intoxicating treatment for headaches. We can’t live without these muscles, so why not give them some love? They help the head keep its balance and thus promote movement.


Every body is different, but sometimes pressure in this area of the neck can cause a slight disruption of blood flow to the brain, which is definitely not desirable, even if it does reduce muscle tension.


Tight, locked occipital muscles can cause headaches, dizziness and even nausea. To relax these muscles, touch the soft area just below the skull bone, as shown in the illustration. With both hands, gently press the neck muscles on the right and left sides of the neck. Tilt the head back and press further inward and upward with your fingers.


Slowly bring your chin down to your chest and with your head down, pull your fingers outward, pulling your right hand away from your left hand, and continue to press. Your goal is to separate and “open” the muscles in the back of the head and release tension. Repeat the cycle several times and make sure you feel no pain during the self-massage.

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