How To Make Money Online With Supermetrics Affiliate Program

Being an affiliate helps you to earn money easily without huge effort. It is because you just need to promote others’ products and services through your link, website, or other platforms. Then, you will get a commission for each sale. One of the programs that you can consider is supermetrics affiliate.



What Is Supermetrics?

Basically, supermetrics is a tool that helps people to report all-in-one so it creates well-organized metrics. It is suitable either for SEO marketers or social media marketers. It makes it easy to sell for both audiences. The niches are various such as internet marketing, business, recurring, pay-per-click, SEO, SaaS, and software.



So, it means that Supermetrics is such a digital product type. The affiliate will get 20% recurring commission. They have some products or tools that help you easily promote Supermetrics on their website.


If you want to be a partner of Supermetrics to get more benefits and advantages, then you can join as a partner of this tool. It is recommended to resell the tool to others and gain commissions from each sale of product links that you promote.



Partner Program of Supermetrics

Affiliate program means that you have responsibility to promote other products or services. Then, you will earn money from the commission based on how many products that are successfully being sold. Below are the partner program of supermetrics that you need to know, those are:



As marketers, you have to report and analyze products through social media, blog, webinar, email newsletter, client meeting, or referral link. For each purchase, you will get paid about 20% recurring commission. So, you can calculate how much commission money that you get based on how many products you sell.



An agency has the responsibility to introduce products or services to clients in order to earn commission for every purchase of your referral links. So, it means that by recommending products to your network will establish an additional revenue stream for the agency.


When you are becoming a supermetrics reseller, then you would earn commissions after delivering marketing data products. However, you need to get training in how to implement knowledge along with terms to sell supermetrics licenses.


Products Of Supermetrics Affiliate

There are many kinds of products that you can sell to the market. Each product has a different price and target market, so you have to understand the specification. Below are the products of supermetrics affiliate that you can promote, those are:


Data Studio

It is one of the main products of Supermetrics to create interactive cross-channel reports through Google Data Studio. Then, it brings the data from HubSpot. Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The data source connectors integrate to +70 marketing and sales platforms.


It includes Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, Shopify, Google Ads, and also JSON/CSV/XML. Basically, Google Data Studio allows you to create the kind of dashboard that you really want. Then, Supermetrics will help you to pull data from many sources to help you.


Google Sheets

If you want to move marketing data easier into spreadsheets, then you just need to put it on Google Sheets. It saves more time as you don’t need to copy/paste the data from any source. Besides, you can set up the scheduled refreshes without leaving the sheets.



Basically, it is a sidebar that allows you to pull the dimensions and metrics into the cells that you selected. When you are moving the data, you don’t need to field names under the hood. It would be ready for reporting and analyzing.



Moving marketing data into the Excel spreadsheet of Supermetrics will save you a lot of time. You can say “goodbye copy/paste” then. Generally, each marketing tool has their limited analytics capabilities. Most marketers have to get the data into Excel sheets manually.


As you know, imported or copy/pasted data CSVs into Excel really takes time. Besides, it is also risking inaccuracies due to human error. So, using Supermetrics Excel would be more simple and quicker.



One of Supermetrics’ tools that help people, especially analysts, is Uploader. It helps you to upload ad spend data from advertising networks to Google Analytics automatically. So, you can see quickly which marketing campaigns are paying off.


Besides, there is no need to log into different platforms and copy paste in separate reports. You can schedule automatic daily uploads from many platforms such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and many more.



It is useful to extract your marketing data quickly into Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and other BI tools or databases that support CSV or JSON inputs. You just need to do a few clicks to connect it into 60+ supported data sources.


Then, choose the output format either CSV, JSON, or custom. After that, select the dimensions and metrics that you want from the data source. Your marketing data would be ready to be loaded into the database.


Those Supermetrics affiliate products are only a half amongst the complete products. You can also find BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.






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