How Much is Accra Polytechnic Forms?

How much is Accra Polytechnic forms? Learn about the application fees for various programs, and payment methods in this comprehensive guide.

How Much is Accra Polytechnic Forms?


If you are considering pursuing higher education at Accra Polytechnic, completing the application process is one of the crucial steps in your journey.

However, it’s essential to know the costs associated with applying to the institution.


Here, we’ll answer the question, “How much are Accra Polytechnic forms?” and provide you with the latest details about application fees and other relevant information.

How Much is Accra Polytechnic Forms?

The cost of Accra Polytechnic forms ranges from GH₵ 180.00 to GH₵ 190.00, depending on the program.

Cost of Accra Polytechnic Forms for Each Program

As of the latest information available, the application fees for various programs are as follows:

1. Bachelor of Technology (BTECH): GH₵ 180.00


2. HND (Morning & Evening): GH₵ 180.00

3. Mature Applicants (Morning & Evening): GH₵ 190.00

4. Non-HND: GH₵ 180.00

5. Pre-HND: GH₵ 180.00

6. Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technician: GH₵ 180.00

7. Professional Programmes (ADILT, DILT & CILT): GH₵ 180.00

Additional Costs and Requirements

While the application fees cover the basic cost, some programs, like Mature Applicants, have additional expenses.

For example, Mature Applicants are required to pay GH₵ 400.00 for tuition (classes) and the entrance examination.

Eligible Mature Applicants should obtain two separate Banker’s Drafts of GH₵ 190.00 and GH₵ 400.00 respectively, payable to Accra Technical University.

Payment Methods

To obtain the e-vouchers (login details) for the application, applicants can either:

1. Get a Banker’s Draft payable at the cash office of Accra Technical University, or

2. Dial 389 288# and follow the prompts to pay via mobile and receive the e-voucher by SMS (for all networks).

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Is the Application Fee Refundable?

In most cases, application fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your application.

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and have all necessary documents before submitting your application to avoid disappointment.

Knowing the cost of Accra Polytechnic forms is vital for a successful application process.

By understanding the application fees and additional requirements, you can plan your application process more effectively.

Make sure to complete your application on time and submit all required documents to enhance your chances of admission.

Best of luck with your academic journey at Accra Technical University!


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