Chalimbana University Courses and Available Programs

Are you looking for Chalimbana University courses? Explore the various programs and their 2023/2024 requirements. Find the perfect Chalimbana University course to start your educational journey and career aspirations.

Chalimbana University Courses


Chalimbana University, or ChaU, offers a wide range of courses which includes accredited undergraduate, diploma, and certificate courses for the academic year 2023/2024.

Prospective students can choose from various programs tailored to their interests and career aspirations.


Whether you’re looking to pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate, ChaU offers comprehensive educational opportunities.

To apply, it’s essential to meet the specific entry requirements outlined for each course.

From business and agriculture to health and social sciences, ChaU’s diverse course offerings provide a platform for academic growth and professional development.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of ChaU’s vibrant academic community.


What Courses Does Chalimbana University Offers?

Here are all the Courses / Programs of Chalimbana University for Undergraduate and Postgraduate and also for Distance and Full-time:

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School of Business and Entrepreneurship 

1. Bachelor of Business Administration with Education

2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

3. Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management

5. Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance

School of Physical Education and Sports 

1. Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports

2. Bachelor of Sports Management

School of Leadership and Management 

1. Bachelor of Education in Leadership and Management

School of Early Childhood Studies 

1. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

2. Bachelor of Science in Child Care and Development

3. Bachelor of Science in Child and Youth Studies

School of Vocational and Practical Skills Education 

1. Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Tourism

2. Bachelor of Design and Technology with Education (Secondary)

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3. Bachelor of Home Economics with Education (Secondary)

4. Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition

School of Education 

1. Bachelor of Education -Secondary

2. Bachelor of Education-Primary

3. Bachelor of Guidance and Counselling with Education

4. Bachelor of Community Education and Development

5. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology with Education

6. Diploma in Teaching Methodology (Distance Only)

School of Science and Mathematics Education

1. Bachelor of Science with Education

2. Bachelor of Agriculture Science with Education

3. Diploma in Laboratory Technician

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

1. Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies

2. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

School of Music, Performing and Fine Arts

1. Bachelor of Arts in Music

2. Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

3. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Theatre

In certain instances, the programs at Chalimbana University rely on the information provided in your application to the institution.

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However, for the majority of cases, they are determined through the ChaU Placement process. It’s important to thoroughly review the admission prerequisites before submitting your application.

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Chalimbana University Fee

In many colleges, students usually pay their tuition fees through the Student Portal, but this institution might have a different process.

Please click on the provided link to visit the university’s Student Portal to make your tuition payment. However, it’s important to note that the fees can vary depending on the program you choose to study.

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Chalimbana University has a wide range of courses for 2023/2024. Find the right one, meet the requirements, and start your educational and career journey at ChaU. Your adventure begins here!


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