Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living, 2023


Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of LivingAre you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, the Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living are available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.


The Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top scholarships for national and international students.


How to Apply for Albany State University Tuition: Scholarships and Costs Of Living 2023

About Albany State University

Albany State University is a four-year African American State University (HBCU) in Albany, Georgia, USA. It is the largest of the three HBCU University System of Georgia. The ASU is a member of the Marshall Fund Thurgood School.

Joseph Winthrop Holley, who was born in 1874 to former slaves in Winnsboro, South Carolina, founded the school in 1903 as the Albany Bible and Manual Training Institute. Two famous educators, Reverend Samuel Loomis, and his wife sent Holley to Brainerd Institute and then Revere Lay College (Massachusetts).

On attending Revere Lay, Holley got to know one of the school’s trustees, the New England businessman Rowland Hazard. After absorbing a liking to Holley, Hazard clearly arranged for him to continue his education at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Holley wished to become a minister and prepared by completing his education at Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University.

Holley relocated to Albany to start a study center. With the help of a $2,600 gift from the rich Hazard family, Holley set up a board of trustees and purchased 50 acres (200,000 m 2) of land for the campus, which took place within a year. The focus of the institution at the time was to provide primary education and teacher training for the local Black population.

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It pushed over to the state of Georgia in 1917 as Georgia Normal and Agricultural College, which is a two-year agricultural and teacher-training institution.

Scholarships Available At Albany State University

Here are some scholarships you can apply for as a student of Albany State University:

Tampa Bay Alumni Chapter Scholarship

This is an annual award for male undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time at Albany State University majoring in Elementary Education. Interested candidates must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate leadership skills.

Deadline: April 15th

Wendell Neal Alumni Scholarship

It’s an Annual award for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time at Albany State University majoring in Education. Queen qualified Students must demonstrate leadership skills.

Deadline: April 15th

Queen Mackey Sampson Scholarship

University Candidates must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, financial need, and demonstrate leadership in extracurricular activities. The due date may vary. Annual huge award for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time at Albany State

Deadline: Open

SouthWest Georgia Post Anesthesia Nursing Med Association Scholarship

This is an Annual award for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time at Albany State University majoring in Nursing. Enrolled Students must demonstrate academic achievement. Award giving date and award amount may vary.

Deadline: Open

Robert C. Byrd Scholarship Program

This Scholarship is for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time at Albany State University. Students who are interested must demonstrate academic achievement. The due date and number of awards may vary.

Deadline: Open

For more information on the above listed Albany State University Scholarships and many more, click on the link below:

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Tuition, Cost Of Living At Albany State University

For academic the year 2023, the main undergraduate tuition and fees at Albany State University are $5,735 for in-state and $16,196 for out-of-state students. The main undergraduate 2023 estimated tuition & fees at Albany State University is $5,991 for in-state and $16,661 for out-of-state students.

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Tuition & Fees Albany State University (Undergraduate)

Year In-State Out-of-State On Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses
2016-2017 $5,490 $15,744 $10,610
2017-2023 $5,735 $16,196 $12,144
Change % 2017-2023 4.46% 2.87% 14.46%
2023/2024 $5,991 $16,661 $13,900


Tuition and Fees Book & Supplies Living Costs
Undergraduate $5,735 $1,250 $12,144
Graduate $5,172 $1,250 $12,144


Tuition & Fees Book & Supplies Living   Costs
Undergraduate $16,196 $1,250 $12,144
Graduate $15,720 $1,250 $12,144

Albany State University Accommodation

This institution is proud to welcome you to their residential life, and offer you a glimpse of what to expect. The Districts of ASU   is typically a community, a neighborhood, and a home.

This is where students study, work and a little play.  It is the spine of what the institution is and the place students return to time and time again when they need to connect with who they are.

The District of ASU consist of a series of halls, each hall has unique characteristics, but all part of one unified entity.

The Districts bring students together to communicate and build memories, giving them the support they need to thrive as collegiate students.

Approximately 2000 students reside on the Albany State University campus in University housing.  In a typical year, residents come from all over the USA and countries abroad.

Together these students enjoy a sense of belonging and create networks of friendship that cannot be developed anywhere else.  Because of the experience, ASU Housing retains over 90% of its residents. Annually, they take advantage of the amenities, conveniences, and friendships only the ASU Districts can offer.

Housing and Residence Life is so much more than a place to rest or study, it extends to feeling at home.  Each Hall functions as a smaller, learning-centered community that furthers the mission of the University.

Their team avails itself of countless hours of planning and execution so that they may offer their residents opportunities to grow and develop in all aspects of their lives. Their educational community is designed to foster human diversity, civility, freedom-of-thought, good citizenship, and even uncomfortable self-development.

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They are committed to acting with integrity, dignity, and competence in service to residents and the University community.

They offer and welcome you to ASU and they hope you will consider them as “your home away from home. Which is possibly a consideration you need to make.

Albany State University Admissions

Albany State University understands how interestingly exciting–yet difficult–the college selection process is, and can be, therefore be assured that you will receive personalized attention from their staff throughout the admission process.

It is their goal to work with you and your family, or guardian, so you can make an organized informed decision.

Students can take advantage of a variety of graduate and graduate programs that provide a solid foundation for the humanities. Through five colleges, they have access to a diverse population with different academic backgrounds, with access to 14 specialized certificate programs, 14 associated degrees, 29 bachelor degrees, 11 master degrees and special subjects in Albania and school board. They hope you gain a rich educational experience after your admission.

Undergraduate Admission At Albany State University

They would like to help students realize their full potential at the University of Albany. This Institution prepares students for success in their lives and careers by providing them with educational opportunities, guidance, and support outside the classroom.

Students who are interested in a bachelor’s degree or qualification, but have not completed a four-year bachelor’s degree or a two-year bachelor’s degree program is welcome to apply.

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Graduate Admission At Albany State University

Their goal is to provide academic services to each student through a reasonable and quality education through various graduate programs. After graduation, this institution has a vision that all AMS students will be grateful for learning skills that can technically compete in developed societies, understand the constantly changing world events, and understand the importance of lifelong learning.

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You can also get information on Albany State University programs, student life and more by visiting the school’s website via the link below:


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