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A Woman with VALUE.



No Sensible Man can resist a Woman who is Beautiful and Industrious. What made a man worked for 7 good years for a woman he loved and think that he just worked for 7 days, (Value).

My man doesn’t respect me, is because you are not valuable, you are nothing but a valueless being. Do you realized that Jacob did not pay Leah’s bride price? They gave him Leah as a bonus to marry because she had no value. This was why Jacob had no respect for her and her children.

Hence; he set them as first entourage when he was going to meet his angry Brother. If you forced yourself on a man, he will never respect you. if you are not adding value to his life, he will never respect you.

So it is very important you make yourself an assets in man’s life rather than liability. Men will love and cherish a woman who is lessening the load on his shoulder not the one who is adding to His burdens. Even after marriage, Leah was begging and buying the attention of her own husband. Rachel was practically in control of Jacob. Rachel was a shepherd in the midst of her siblings, a profession meant for men. She was in control of her father’s business. This was what glued Jacob to her. Gen 29:9 Jacob was still talking with them when Rachel arrive with her father’s flock, for she was a shepherd. How can boys be in a family and a girl (last daughter of the family) be the one to tend her father’s flock and family business? Industrious nature!

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After Jacob slept with Leah, he will still went for Rachel.

Sex doesn’t keep a man, value does. Some ladies thinks if they can satisfy their man better on bed, he will love them more. Go and ask Amnon if he was satisfied after defiling Tamar. Men will only love you because of what they are getting from you, deny him premarital sex and you’ll know if he truly loves you. Giving a man your body all in the name of “He will marry Me”, you’re just caging yourself in the prison of disappointment. Repent today from the UNGODLY relationship and Almighty God will show you mercy.


Leah had five(5) children, while Rachel had none, yet Jacob still loved Rachel more than Leah. Having children is good but adding value is much more better and preferable. Don’t ever think you can pin a man down with children. If you like give him a complete football team or a squad, if you are not adding value to his life, he will walk away one day and never show up in your eyes. I’m pleading with the parents of nowadays not to raise their Daughters in a way they will be a liabilities to their man. Make your daughter a shepherd before the arrival of her Jacob. Give her a source of livelihood before marriage. If you want her husband to respect you as a good and valuable in-law, and your daughter as a quality and respectful wife and real life partner; give her quality and respectful hand work and qualified education. To ensure a hopeful future for her in her future home. Don’t train her merely because of the bride price you want to collect on her in a single day. Laban wasted the bride price he received for his daughter. But he lived on the flock kept by his daughter even after she was married out. This is why many men fall for their ugly hardworking housemaids than their beautiful looking house wives. We indirectly train our housemaids to be Industrious while we train our daughters to be lazy and dependants.

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However; Future shall tell.

Be a value added woman and your man will love you, cherish you and value you till infinity.

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