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27 Full Christian Scholarships in 2024

Are you looking for scholarships or funds to support your educational needs? Here are some full Christian scholarships available at various levels, offered by different Christian institutes.

Full Christian Scholarships


Full Christian Scholarships

The 27 Full Christian Scholarships and grants are for both US citizens and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Therefore, take your time and go through this post, as we have arranged every detail you need and listed the top scholarships for national and international students.


Here Are The 27 Full Christian Scholarships 

Here are some brief descriptions of the top 27 Full Christian Scholarships you can apply for.

1. Central Christian College of the Bible – Full School Scholarship

The Central Christian College of the Bible (CCCB) is one of the available Christian scholarships for international students and it assigns 100 new or transferring students (on the Moberly campus) full teaching for up to 17 credits each semester ($ 3,750 / sem = $ 7.5K / year.).

Lack of participation in the chapel or reduced GPA may result in a loss of 20% for a given reporting block.

Students who do not qualify for the FTS receive 80% of the tuition (up to 18.5 points per semester) through the central scholarship.


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2Student scholarship at Barclay College

Barclay College offers full Christian scholarships for international students of about $14K full-time certificate to all students accepted into a program with funds collected from supporters.

Full-time and on-campus students receive this amount annually. For off-campus full-time students, the scholarship is $3700.

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3. Elim’s Full Scholarship Giveaway at Elim Bible Institute and College

Elim Bible Institute and College will award a full Christian scholarship grant to qualified first-time freshman students for tuition, room, and pension (max $15,880) plus a conditional $ 6.4K towards the living expenses of a married winner. Books and fees extra.

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4. College of the Ozarks – Free Teaching Scholarship

The College of the Ozarks provides a “Cost of Education” (CoE) Christian scholarship grant whose value is the difference between teaching and any Federal or State Grants.

Requires 15 hours of campus work program valued at $ 4,354. Students who are not eligible for federal / state aid are subject to a higher CoE rate.

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5. Randall University Christian Ministry Full Education Scholarship

Randall University offers a full-time scholarship to full-time students in Christian ministry programs, which costs about. $10,800 or over $ 40K over four years of the selected program.

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This includes “degrees as pastoral ministry, youth and family ministry, ministry and business, intercultural studies (missions), theology and music and worship studies.”

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6. Anderson University Scholarships

Anderson University has two different fellows, both 4 years renewable and both combined with merit-based scholarships (based on GPA).

Prizes: Center for Leadership Development (CLD) Scholarship; National Association of God’s Church (NACoG) Scholarship.

Each Christian scholarship grant requires membership of the given organization before application.

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7. Rev. James D. Parker Sr. Young Leader Scholarship – Cedarville University

Cedarville University, in partnership with the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association (FBFA), offers a qualified full-time student either a full or three-quarter study grant.

Every main study is justified, but applying for a student must be an FBFA church member.

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8. Full TIU Scholarship – Trinity International University (TIU)

The TIU has many undergraduate scholarships and Christian scholarships for college students, including up to 100% (but not specifically 100%) annually.

The scholarship is for both academic and athletic basis, a 50% Awana Missionary Scholarship and lesser but significant prizes. Some prices cover tuition and fees, others also cover room and table. Renewable for up to four years based on GPA.

These are only inviting awards, but there are also sporting scholarships of up to 100% (based on the trainer’s recommendation).

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9. Belmont University Full School Scholarships

Belmont University offers several full-time Christian scholarships:

1. Presidential Scholarship

2. William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship

3. Thomas J. Madden Ministerial Certificate

4. Servant Leader Scholarship

5. Ingram Diversity Leadership Scholarship.

6. ES Rose Scholarship (Multiple).

The president, Ingram and Rose award more than one student each, while the rest assign a student each.

Therefore, some of the international Christian scholarships are only for men or women, and others are for any qualified freshman student. Some, but not all, of these prizes, require a religiously inclined major.

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10. Trustee Scholarship at Lipscomb University

Lipscomb offers a full-tuition Trustee Scholarship (10 freshmen) and several non-FTS prices. All prizes are distributed based on SAT or ACT scores and require live on campus, although out-of-state students are eligible for some prizes.

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11. Martin Methodist College Scholarships

Martin Methodist College offers three different advanced scholarships for undergraduate students.

The Barton Scholarship (two students), the Ben Alford Church Leader Scholarship (2+ students), Future Educators Scholarship (one student). All three prices are renewable and have different requirements.

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12. Covenant College Maclellan Competitive Scholarships

Covenant College has four international Christian scholarships, including the Maclellan Scholars program, for the first time, the undergraduate degree-seeking students program focuses on developing Christian leadership skills.

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13. McMurry University Full School Scholarships

McMurry University offers several award-winning international Christian scholarships, including Honors Program Scholarships, which pay between $15K and up to full tuition per month.

Year (four years). While some Christian claims are listed at some prices, this is not the case with the Honors Prize.

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14. Spartanburg Methodist College Full-time Education Package

Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC) automatically covers the cost of teaching undergraduate students through a package of institutional and state grants and the South Carolina Life Scholarship at a total value of about $15,750.

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15. Community College Full-Education Scholarship at Coe College

Coe College undergrad first-time and transfer students are eligible for full-time fellowship for the Community College Students award, plus three $28K / year scholarships.

There is also a Global Leadership Full-Tuition Scholarship for Undergraduates and the Williston Jones Full-Tuition Scholarship Program.

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16. Valparaiso University Full-time scholarships

Valparaiso University offers several scholarships (93% of undergraduate students receive little financial support – over $100m annually), up to full-time education for merit-based scholarships such as the Lutheran Leadership Course that grants two students a year.

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17. Columbia International University Scholarships

Columbia International University has many undergraduate scholarships (almost a dozen), including up to full teaching, based on test scores, academic achievement, and other criteria.

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18. Christianity College Full-Tuition Scholarship

Christianity College offers various scholarships, including a freshman Padre Pio full-time scholarship, based on academic merit. Prize winners pay their own professional fees plus room and cost.

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19. Union College Scholarships

Union College offers a Scholar scholarship board for up to 12-17 credits of a maximum of eight semesters (more than $ 85K over four years) as well as other scholarships and scholarships from $20K- $52K (four years total). Awards are merit-based.

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20. Westminster College Scholarships

Westminster College offers nearly a dozen academic and deserving (nominated) scholarships, including a full-time presidential scholarship worth nearly $35K per year. The price is for four years and requires maintaining at least one 3.0 GPA among other criteria.

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21. Greensboro College Scholarships

Greensboro College, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, offers several undergraduate scholarships, including three award-winning teachings: Barrett, President and Faith and Culture Essay Award.

The latter specifically requires students to have a major in religion, taking into account first and foremost those who take specific minor subjects.

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22. Catholic Education Continuum Full Study Scholarship on St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University, affiliated with the Catholic Church, has many scholarships that are less than full-time education.

The Catholic Education Continuum Scholarship, grants full teaching (renewable four years) to a qualified student “from each Catholic High School”, based on a 3.0 GPA and other criteria.

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23. World Changers Scholarship Weekend | Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University offers their World Changers Scholarship – among over a dozen others for undergraduates – to award full education to three qualifying freshmen students annually, for up to eight semesters.

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24. Greenville University Scholarships

Christ-centred Greenville University offers already accepted students an opportunity for some scholarships, including a full-time study program. Applications are completed in the calendar year before the freshman holiday.

To qualify, students must already be eligible for one of the following: Dean’s Scholarship; President’s Scholarship Manager’s Scholarship.

25. Loyola University Undergraduate Scholarships: Financial Aid Office

Loyola University Chicago has nearly two dozen scholarships only for new and transferred undergraduate students, plus additional scholarships and other financial prizes in over half a dozen categories.

Undergraduate full-time scholarships include the National Merit / National Achievement Finalists (a prize, up to $2K for non-winners) and the Ignatian Scholarship (invitation-only, awarded in the freshman year).

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26. Heritage Christian University International Student Scholarships

Heritage Christian University’s full-time scholarship is intended for international students taking either an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program or one of the three theological graduate degrees.

However, The price is limited to 15 and 12 points, respectively. Students will pay tuition for excess credits.

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27. Wesley Biblical Seminary Scholarships

Wesley Biblical Seminary offers two scholarships: Martin Case for United Methodist Ministers, who are DMin PhD students; and Shepherd Project International for online international Master’s students towards an MA in Christian Studies.

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Full Christian Scholarships provide valuable financial support for students at various educational levels, offered by diverse universities and colleges. You can share this information and follow us on our social media handles.


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