2024 Registration Guidelines – Walter Sisulu University

WSU has developed a student services portal that will allow you to access your information, such as personal information, academic reports, results, and fee statements, online. You will print reports such as registration proof and fee statements. In this article, we’ll be giving you comprehensive information on WSU registration.

wsu registration


About Walter Sisulu University

Walter Sisulu University is a South African university in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It was founded in 2005 as a public university and is funded and managed by the national government.


The university aspires to be one of the leading universities in South Africa and Africa as a whole, and they know it for its innovative research-based approach. The University is a full-time institution that prepares students for careers in their various academic fields.

WSU Registration process

To begin your registration, go to the WSU Student Portal via the link below.

  • Step 1: Select the student.
  • Enter your student Number, and Pin, and then log in
  • Step 2: Select the Academic Registration drop-down menu on the left as showed
  • Step 3: Note that you must have an admitted admission status for the qualification you are registering for.
  • Step 4: Check that you do not have registration restrictions, such as Finance, NSFAS, International, and so forth If you have a restriction your registration will not go through. You will need to contact the respective department so that they can remove the hold before you can proceed.
  • Step 5: View and access the rules and regulations. You may not proceed unless these are accepted. Once you have accepted the Rules and Regulations agreement.
  • Step 6: • Select Add Subjects to a registration
  • Verification Process: You can verify your selection, if satisfied click continues


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To Register Online Students Will Need to Do

  • They must accept the student to qualification and confirm their admission status on the WSU website.
  • Log in to the online system with your student number.
  • If you agree with the rules and regulations, proceed to the bottom of the page and click the “I accept” button.
  • On the left, click ‘Submit registration.’
  • Show your employment status in the ‘Employment Status’ drop-down field.
  • Select “Save and Continue.”
  • Select your subjects/modules by checking the box next to each one ( Ensure you select all relevant subjects and modules)
  • If you are certain that you have chosen the correct subjects/modules, study types, and study periods, click “Save and Continue.” 

Required Documents

  • Copy of bar-coded identity document or ID card or passport
  • Copy of Grade 12 NSC final results or equivalent (for first-year students)
  • Copy of degree certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of academic record (if applicable)
  • Copy of Certificate of Conduct from previous institution (if applicable)

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