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US tourist visa application


Anyone going through the US tourist visa application process is, in fact, applying for the US nonimmigration visitor visa. Perhaps if you or your loved one decides to spend the holiday or visit the US as a tourist, you must enter with a visitor visa.

If you are from a country in the visa waiver program with the US, you only need a waiver and not a visa to enter the US temporarily. Many countries are in this program, so it would be wise to check before applying for a visa.


If your country is missing from the list, you need to apply for a visitor visa, and you will find the information you need below.

The US tourist visa application information (visitor visa)


There are two categories of tourist visas, depending on your purpose of visiting the US. The B-1 visa serves those traveling for business, and the B-2 visa is meant for those going for tourism or medical treatment.

If traveling for both purposes, you can go for the combination visa, the B-1/B-2 visa.

Travel purposes for a B-1 visa holder

  • Coming to the US to settle an estate
  • To consult with your business partners or associates
  • To negotiate a contract
  • Attend a business convention
  • Attend an educational, professional, or scientific conference

Travel purposes for a B-2 visa holder

  • Coming to the US for vacation
  • Visiting family or friends
  • Tourism
  • Medical treatment
  • Enrolling in a short recreational activity
  • Participating in a social event like sports, music, contests, etc

Travel purposes not allowed under the visitor visas

Traveling to the US with a visitor visa limits the activities you can indulge in, which include:

  • Permanently residing in the US
  • Studying
  • Gaining a paid employment
  • Performing before a paying audience
  • Start working as a foreign journalist in any media outlet
  • Arriving as a crew member on a ship or plane.

How to apply for a US tourist visa (Visitor visa)

Applying for any visa begins with getting your documents ready. For the visitor visa, you, as the applicant, must gather the necessary documents before proceeding to the embassy to get interviewed. So here are the needed requirements for a US tourist visa application.

  • A valid passport whose validity must last for at least 6 months after your stay in the US.
  • The confirmation page of the nonimmigrant visa application form, known as Form DS-160
  • Picture. You must upload the picture while filling out your application Form DS-160 online. If the picture fails to upload, print it out in the required format and visit the embassy with it.
  • Flight tickets showing the date of arrival and departure
  • Accommodation¬†
  • Document the purpose of your travel
  • Provide your proof of funds. If you are coming by invitation, your sponsor will provide their account balance.
  • Show that you are ready to exit the US after your visit. This is known as home ties.
  • Visit the nearest embassy or consulate with these documents
  • Schedule an interview with the embassy
  • Come for your interview bright and early and confidently answer all the questions correctly.
  • You will be granted a visitor (tourist) visa if you are qualified.


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