Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life

Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life in the UK and USA 2024

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Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life




The Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

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How to Apply for Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life.

What Facilities Should a University with a Great Campus Life have?

Many universities include several “basic” facilities on their campuses that are meant to give students several entertainment options. They enable students enjoy campus life.

The first things you think of a university campus as a freshman, are probably; lectures, accommodation and maybe, research facilities. Hardly do freshmen think about “the social life of the school”.


However, you should give thoughts to it. The said facilities for students to enjoy a great campus life experience at the university are;

  • Event halls where you will enjoy the performances of students, cultural experiences, and even movies. Also, many universities organize annual festivals that are popular among students.
  • Cafes and pubs are common on campuses. Students often meet in the university café and enjoy a lunch or even a coffee. These are usually cheap and often full of clients.
  • Athletics fields and gyms. Sport is important for students and universities to understand this. Students can practice their favorite sport without leaving the campus and can participate in local championships and other sports-related events.
  • Shopping areas. On-campus, students find shops with souvenirs, university-personalized products, and even clothes or magazines. Shops are also popular among students.
  • Student unions, sororities, and fraternities. Students get to make new friendships, some of which will last a lifetime.

Which are the most Impressive Universities in the UK and their campuses?

The Telegraph has compiled the top Universities with the Best Campus Life in the UK, as voted by students.

The main criterion for this chart is the quality of life, so students have chosen the most entertaining universities with their high-quality campuses.

  1. Loughborough University – 9/10 students in the university said their social life is the best in Britain
  2. University of Bath – Over 94% of the students are satisfied with their social life and employment
  3. Durham University – Students fully appreciate social life in this university, since it includes the cheapest shops and bars.
  4. Newcastle University – Quality of student life is helping this university and its campus to constantly evolve.
  5. University of Glasgow – A fun student life is followed by pretty good salaries, with this university.
  6. University of Cambridge – Prestige, and quality of life brought this university in the top 10.
  7. Northumbria University – Low prices and high impact of social life, these are the main characteristics of the largest university in the North East of England.
  8. University of Oxford – This higher education institution is already notorious and has a constant presence in this chart.
  9. University of Dundee – Here you will find the cheapest shops, bars, and amenities.
  10. The University of Exeter – This university is becoming more and more popular among British and international students.

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What are the most fun colleges with the happiest students in America?

The four years you will spend in the USA for a Bachelor’s degree course have to be also fun in addition to getting a top international higher education.

Even if college life generally means a lot of entertainment, there are some higher education institutions that rank high in terms of student fun in the USA. Business Insider developed a chart with the most entertaining colleges in America:

  1. Pennsylvania State University — Parties, events in bars and game days are common in this institution and students to enjoy them.
  2. University of Iowa – The Greek community in the university makes student events even more fun.
  3. University of Florida – Fraternities, sororities, and sports are the most popular characteristics of this institution.
  4. Syracuse University – Students are highly attracted by the university’s sports events.
  5. West Virginia University – Famous for its FallFest concert, the university is famous for the way it entertains its students.
  6. Clemson University – Fraternities and sororities are the responsible ones for students’ entertainment.
  7. The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign – The university’s major party, “Unofficial”, is an attraction and a delight for students.
  8. Florida State University – Students often enjoy sports and outdoor parties.
  9. Ohio University – Here, the parties even have a nickname – “fests”. The largest of their kind are Palmerfest and #fest.
  10. University of California, Santa Barbara – The university with a private beach is famous for its events.

What are the Top Universities with the Best Campus Life?

In deciding top universities with the best campus life, you may consider a student life in London, a student life in Belfast, or even an urban student life as part of your university experience.

However, since a plethora of options are available, kindly see the rankings of colleges with the best student life rated below:

Rank University Rating Employed
1st Newcastle University 94% 88%
2nd University of Leeds 95% 85%
3rd University of Liverpool 95% 86%
4th Nottingham Trent University 91% 89%
5th Liverpool John Moores University 94% 85%
6th Leeds Beckett University 92% 96%
7th Northumbria University 91% 86%
8th University of Sheffield 92% 86%
9th The University of Manchester 95% 84%
10th University of Glasgow 93% 88%
11th Swansea University 92% 86%
12th Sheffield Hallam University 95% 86%
13th University of Brighton 95% 83%
14th Cardiff Metropolitan University 90% 87%
15th Cardiff University 90% 97%
16th University of Dundee 91% 87%
17th University of Bristol 94% 87%
18th University of Strathclyde 94% 86%
19th Bristol, University of the West of England (UWE) 96% 89%
20th University of Edinburgh 91% 90%
21st Aston University 90% 86%
22nd Manchester Metropolitan University 94% 84%
23rd University of Nottingham 91% 86%
24th Liverpool Hope University 90% 0%
25th University of Plymouth 95% 89%
26th Queen’s University, Belfast 95% 88%
27th University of Sussex 90% 80%
28th Bournemouth University 94% 87%
29th University of Lincoln 93% 90%
30th University of Portsmouth 94% 88%
31st King’s College London, UOL 91% 88%
32nd Loughborough University 93% 86%
33rd UCL, University of London 94% 86%
34th University of Birmingham 91% 86%
35th Birmingham City University 95% 94%
36th Solent University 95% 84%
37th University of East Anglia (UEA) 92% 87%
38th Teesside University 92% 82%
39th Leeds City College 87% 0%
40th Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) 93% 90%
41st City of Glasgow College 88% 0%
42nd Newcastle College 88% 0%
43rd Leeds Trinity University 91% 91%
44th University of Salford 91% 82%
45th University of Sunderland 94% 82%
46th University of Southampton 95% 87%
47th Ravensbourne University London 93% 0%
48th University of Reading 95% 87%
49th The Robert Gordon University 97% 93%
50th Greater Brighton Metropolitan College 80% 0%
51st Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 80% 0%
52nd Scotland’s Rural College 80% 0%
53rd University of Hull 93% 88%
54th University of York 89% 94%
55th De Montfort University (DMU) 96% 85%
56th Bournemouth and Poole College 66% 0%
57th The Royal Veterinary College 94% 0%
58th The Manchester College 87% 0%
59th Harper Adams University 88% 90%
60th University of South Wales 97% 98%
61st York St John University 93% 97%
62nd St Mary’s University, Twickenham 93% 88%
63rd Edinburgh Napier University 95% 87%
64th University of Chester 93% 90%
65th St Georges, University of London 92% 91%
66th Oxford Brookes University 91% 87%
67th University of Essex 91% 85%
68th University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) 95% 0%
69th Aberystwyth University 93% 91%
70th Bangor University 92% 84%
71st Leeds College of Art 93% 86%
72nd Canterbury Christ Church University 70% 89%
73rd London School of Economics 85% 87%
74th University of Central Lancashire 94% 85%
75th University of Aberdeen 92% 87%
76th Norwich University of the Arts 80% 0%
77th Heriot-Watt University 90% 91%
78th Belfast Metropolitan College 85% 0%
79th Kingston College 85% 90%
80th Royal College of Music 85% 95%
81st University of Leicester 91% 87%
82nd Ulster University 95% 84%
83rd Croydon College 75% 0%
84th Gateshead College 75% 0%
85th Guildhall School of Music and Drama 75% 0%
86th Macclesfield College 75% 0%
87th Sheffield College (The) 83% 0%
88th Writtle University College 75% 91%
89th York College 83% 0%
90th Abertay University 94% 92%
91st Plymouth College of Art 90% 0%
92nd Royal Northern College of Music 80% 0%
93rd Kingston University 87% 79%
94th UCFB 88% 92%
95th University of Northampton 93% 89%
96th University of Roehampton 92% 86%
97th Derby College 80% 0%
98th University of Huddersfield 95% 88%
99th Plymouth Marjon University (St Mark & St John) 94% 0%
100th University of Kent 96% 90%


Campus life is supposed to be an unforgettable part of every student’s life. You should thus take the time to explore all aspects of campus life.

Consequently, it will enable you, as every other student, have a balanced personality. Thus we advise you diligently learn all you can about any university before you make a final decision.

Our reason is simply this; a delayed but informed decision is better than a swift but unwise one.


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