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Insurance companies with good reputations cannot be fully listed without talking about Farmers insurance. To start with, Farmers insurance, a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group, has been in the business of selling insurance coverage for decades and now operates in at least 42 different states in the United States. Now, it boasts of about 21,000 employees and more than 48,000 independent and exclusive agents.

This insurance company built its reputation on doing good business and selling coverage that actually works. As it stands, this coverage is tailored to suit the need of each customer.

Also, Farmers insurance gives their customers a discount whenever they buy suitable policies. You could see that the company is doing quite well from the reviews from satisfied customers. Furthermore, Farmers insurance sells a variety of coverage to their customers across the states of the United States of America.

Farmers insurance products and services

Firstly, Farmers insurance is mostly known for its auto insurance services. However, that’s not only the insurance service they offer. Other services of this company include:

  • Home insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • Business insurance for medium and small-sized businesses
  • Life insurance (whole or term life insurance)
  • Recreational insurance
  • Renters insurance

By the way, you can pay for your insurance premium online through these channels:

  • Credit cards
  • Master card
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Farmers.com account
  • Through agents
  • Meanwhile, the insurance company makes life much easier for their customers in more ways than they could think of. Like getting free quotes for their products and services through the online route. Also, Farmers insurance has a mobile app compatible with android and IOS phones.
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Breakdown of Farmers insurance services

Auto insurance

Basically, auto insurance is a coverage plan that protects you from monetary loss after an accident. Also, there are different kinds of policies for auto insurance but mainly depends on where you reside. So, the types of auto coverage are:

  • Liability
  • Personal injury protection
  • Collision
  • Loss of use
  • New car replacement
  • Spare parts coverage
  • Windshield and Glass Coverage
  • Rideshare insurance

Home insurance

In continuation, home insurance protects you from any damages to your house caused by either earthquakes, fire, floods, or even vandalizing

Motorcycle insurance

Ultimately, you can insure your motorcycle the way you insure your car. This coverage protects you from financial loss in the event of an accident with your motorcycle.

Mutual funds

Also, Farmers Insurance offers financial services like mutual funds. Now, this is how companies run mutual funds. A company that runs financial services like Farmers insurance gathers money from many investors, then, they go ahead to invest that money they gathered from investors and invest it back in stocks or bonds. So, a mutual fund is another means of good business and a way to diversify. And, Farmers insurance offers this service too.

Business insurance

Business insurance includes both small and medium-sized businesses like commercial auto, commercial properties, retail stores, hotels, companies, non-profit organizations, artisan contractors, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Life insurance

Literally, life insurance is a coverage plan that can cover you for a period of time. You can buy coverage that will last for a period of 20 years, or according to the plan suitable for you. More so, life insurance comes in terms, or whole.

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Renters insurance

In continuation, renters insurance benefits those that rent or lease properties for their use. That is, it is another form of property insurance that protects you from liability claims.

Recreational insurance

In line with this, Farmers insurance offers recreational insurance for All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, travel trailers, and other such properties that are for recreational purposes.

Farmers insurance discounts

For what it’s worth, this company gives a discount to their customers. However, these discounts are not just for everyone. You have to speak with an agent from the company to discuss discounts and know if you qualify.

Moreover, the company has such discounts as:

Payment discount:

There are different ways you pay for your insurance, but the one that gets a discount opportunity is when you make a payment for your premium insurance for at least 6 months at a go.

Homeowner discount:

Also, there is a low auto insurance discount for homeowners, especially those that add up their car and home insurance together.

Occupation discounts:

Certain occupations earn you a discount from Farmers insurance. So, police officers, doctors, registered nurses, firefighters, and others receive discounts or low payments for their insurance.

Multiple insurance discounts:

As it stands, people own more than one car. Therefore, once you buy auto insurance for both or more cars from Farmers insurance, you are eligible for a discount. Then again, these discounts are not tied to only multiple cares, when you also buy other types of insurance from the company, you are eligible for a discount.

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Good student discount:

Here, your good grades can earn you some discounts on your car insurance as a student.

Safe driving discounts:

Ultimately, once you don’t break the driving law and you have not been in an accident for up to three years and more, your safe driving could earn you a discount or make you pay less for insurance.

Summarily, Farmers insurance is an award-winning insurance company. However, it received some criticism some years ago about customers satisfaction. But the insurance company has gone ahead to improve from the criticisms it got years back. Now, the company has lots of good ratings and great scores.

In the light of this, when you think about getting your car insured or buying any insurance from Farmers insurance, go ahead and check facts from the company and be sure you understand the policy.


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