Zetech University Student Portal – How to Register and Login

The Zetech University Student Portal has made academic activities easy for the students of Zetech. Learn how to create an account, log in to your student account, recover your password in case forgotten, and also how to access the online course. 

Zetech University Student Portal


Zetech University Student Portal

The Zetech University Student Portal is a valuable resource for students at Zetech University as they pursue their academic goals.

This portal acts as the online entry point to a lot of tools and resources meant to improve the educational experience for students.


When students visit the Zetech University Student Portal, they receive a welcome with a virtual environment created to fulfill their academic requirements.

There are many features available on the portal, including checking your grade to course materials access.

But before you can access all these features, you should have an account and also know your login details to be able to log in whenever you want to access the portal.

How to Sign up/Register to the Zetech Student Portal

If you do not have a Zetech student portal account yet or created an account, you will need to follow the steps below to sign up:

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1. You will have to start by visiting the Zetech Sign-up page.

2. Then enter your username and student/employee number on the field required.

3. Create a secure password by entering it in the designated field, ensuring the safety of your account.

4. Verify your chosen password by entering it once more, confirming accuracy for a successful registration.

5. Indicate whether you are a student or an employee, aligning your account with the appropriate user category.

6. For those with existing accounts, easily access the platform by clicking “Log In” and entering your credentials.

How to Login to the Zetech University Student Portal

1. Visit the Zetech portal using your preferred browser.

2. Then Provide your username when prompted to log in, typically your Student Number or Employee Number.

3. Enter your password securely to proceed with the portal login process.

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4. Confirm your login by re-entering your password when prompted.

5. Opt for convenience by selecting the “Remember me” option to streamline future logins.

How do I Access Online Classes on Zetech?

1. To access online classes at Zetech, use the Zetech Digital School portal. That is the designated platform for e-learning program delivery.

2. You will need Internet connectivity to access the Zetech Digital School portal. It helps you to easily participate in the online course.

3. Yes, courses on the portal are accessible from any computer, requiring only an Internet connection and valid account login information.

How to Recover Your Zetech Student Portal Forgotten Password

In case you forget your password, don’t worry and follow the steps below to recover your password:

1. On the login page, click on forgot password

2. Then submit your email address for the reset process.

3. Enter your username or email linked to your account to proceed with the password reset.

4. Easily navigate back to the login page if needed by selecting “Back to Login” during the password recovery process.

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What Courses are Offered in Zetech?

They offer diploma courses like:

1. Digital Marketing

2. Data Science and Analytics (DDA)

3. Business Intelligence and Analytics

4. Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technologies (DAC)

5. Cyber Security and Forensics

6. Tourism Management (DTM)

7. Information Technology (DIT)

8. Accounting and Finance (DAF)

9. Business Information Technology (DBIT)

10. Purchasing and Supply Management (DPSM)

11. Business Management and Administration (DBMA)

12. Hospitality Management (DHM)

13. Communication and Media Studies (DCMS)

14. Computer Science (DCS)

15. Criminology and Security Studies

16. Community Development (DCD)

17. Human Resources Management (DHRM)

18. International Relations and Diplomacy

19. Counseling Psychology

20. Software Engineering (DSE)

21. Project Management

22. Film and Television Production (DFTP)

23. Electrical Engineering (Power)

The Zetech student portal is very easy to access. Just follow the steps outlined above to register, login, and reset/recover your forgotten password. Good luck with your studies!


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