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What Is Intellimali?


What Intellimali Is

NSFAS students might have heard of Intellimali and might want to know even more. Here’s some answers to the simple question of, ‘what is intellimali’.


IntelliMali was established to relieve pressure from Chief Financial Aid distributor like National Financial Aid Scheme also known as NSFAS.


The IntelliMali focuses on the distribution of funds to higher education institutions through becoming the most trustworthy agency that donors can trust with their money.

IntelliMali believes that most organisations lack the capacity to manage allowances which need to be paid to beneficiaries of the stipend. Allowances fall within a variety of categories including Tuition, Accommodation, Books, Food, Cash, Travel, Clothing, and more.

IntelliMali offers consistency and instant transaction in turnaround time in the processing of these allowances on behalf of the Funder.

The company commits in the following steps in order to ensure its processes achieve best results:


Intellimali and the client or funder enter into an agreement which enables:

  • Beneficiaries to access a simple and accessible way to purchase all their needs and manage their allowance, loan, or bursary funds hustle free.
  • Suppliers to experience efficient transactions, increased turnover and painless end-of-month settlement processes.
  • Funders to experience a significant drop-in administrative time and effort in the entire supervision of allowances.

Everyone involved in recipient funding knows that managing the allowances for food, books, stationery, cash, and the like is difficult.

Attempting to administer these allowances when your institution does not have the necessary experience, resources, or general administrative capacity to do so is a recipe for failure.


South African Institutions have often experience protests over the years due to funding discrepancies.

IntelliMali seeks to bring solutions through smooth distribution of funds and helping institutions to focus on academic processes instead of funding stress.

The agency uses the technology and goes with the everyday trends to ensure the satisfactory and students and funders.


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