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How Much is Stellenbosch Application Fee?

This section serves as a guide to the fee associated with the full-time postgraduate degree programs offered by the University of Stellenbosch. All students from South Africa clearly need to take into account the information regarding tuition fees.

university of Stellenbosch

Whereas overseas students must also take into account service fees, an international registration charge, and an international tuition fee when determining the total amount due.

Please be aware that the figures provided for living expenditures are simply estimated and do not represent a precise budget.

 How Much is Stellenbosch Application Fee?

The University of Stellenbosch Application Fee is R100 non-refundable fee that is required.

The following sets of students are exempted from paying this amount fee:

 The University of Stellenbosch Tuition Fee

The tuition fees are determined by the faculty and are based on the degree or section the student is enrolled in. You can view a representative example of the University’s academic programs here, along with an estimate of their annual study costs as of 2024.

Fees For International Students

Please be aware of the tuition schedule for students from outside the country entering the 2024 academic year.

​There are four items that make up international students’ tuition fees:

  • South African students’ tuition costs are due (see above),
  • All students who are not citizens of South Africa must annually pay the International Registration Fee (IRF).
  • The International Tuition Fee is a recurring annual fee assessed at enrollment for the duration of a program of study.
  • Service charges for supplies and services related to education (payable by all students, but International Students must pay for these in advance).


  • Every non-South African student, including asylum seekers, must pay the IRF annually.
  • Students with refugee status and those with permanent residency are exempted from IRF.
  • Generally, a permanent resident may register on this status provided their application for permanent residence is approved by the deadline for registration (in March and as specified by the University Calendar, Part 1)
  • For the current academic year. However, if the permanent residency status becomes effective after this time, it won’t be taken into account until the subsequent academic year’s next registration period.
  • The refugee will be permitted to register on this status if their application for refugee status is approved by the limit for registration (in March and as specified by the University Calendar, Part 1) for the current academic year. However, if the refugee status is granted after this time, it will only be taken into account during the subsequent academic year’s next registration session.

Residential Students Seeking International Degrees

Excluding those with permanent residence or refugee status, international degree-seeking students must annually pay this fee for academic-related services and consumables.

(e.g. student card, internet, photocopying quota, printing credits, washing quota, material costs, laboratory fees, gym membership, societies, etc.)

At the conclusion of the academic year, the credit on this sum is refundable or transferrable to the next one.

Non-Residential: Candidate Looking for International Degree

Students looking for international degrees are not initially charged any service fees. However, if a student uses any of the services listed on his or her student account, that account must be paid for by the deadlines listed there.

The International Tuition Fee (ITF)

The International Tuition Fee (ITF), which is a yearly fixed amount levied at registration for the duration of a program of study, must be paid in full either before or at the time of registration.

All new registrations are subject to the International Tuition Fee (ITF), which went into force in 2018.

International Tuition Fee (ITF) Not Payable by Candidates:

  • Having a permanent address in SA and having diplomatic and/or refugee status
  • Participating in doctoral programs;
  • Enrolled in telematically offered post-graduate programs (ITE);
  • They are nationals of SADC member nations;
  • Enrolled in a Master’s program from Africa outside of SADC;
  • Participants in the Stellenbosch Business School’s Postgraduate Diploma programs were from Africa outside of SADC.


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