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UKZN Contact details (Enquiries, Member Institutions, Applications)


The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is a South African university with five campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. [7][6] The University of Natal and the University of Durban-Westville merged to form it on January 1, 2004.Read through to get comprehensive information on UKZN admission contact details.


How To Apply To UKZN

They must submit applications through the Central Applications Office (CAO), with qualifying applicants receiving early provisional offers.


Because the Basic Education sector has not yet confirmed the status of the 2024 June and/or Trial examinations, they will make early provisional offers based on Grade 11 results.

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University of KwaZulu-Natal Application Guidelines and Forms

Application to the University of KwaZulu-Natal is is basically online or by post depending on your preference.

It involves different routes of application:


➤ Through Central Applications Office (CAO)

➤ UKZN Online Application 2024

South African Applicants Applications via the Central Applications Office (CAO)

If you are a south African and you want to apply, below are the ways:


UKZN admission contact details

1. Central Applications Office (CAO)

All first-time South African applicants to UKZN for degree/diploma study in the first semester of an academic year must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Get the CAO application form and CAO Handbook from the CAO on +27 (0) 31 268 4444 or CAO’s website at OR institutions OR high schools. For UKZN, write to

More Information on how to Apply Through Central Applications Office (CAO)

➤  There is also an online application for the CAO.

➤  Each form has its own CAO reference/application number. You must quote it in all correspondence. When you apply online, the CAO system will generate a CAO number.

➤  On the CAO application form, students can apply to multiple institutions. Applicants apply to all institutions. On the CAO application form, apply for residence accommodation and financial assistance. There are no additional application forms for UKZN.

➤  The CAO Handbook contains information on programs and minimum requirements for applying to specific programs. They limit applicants to six options. It must be listed in order of preference.

➤ Do not pay or enclose CAO application fees to UKZN.

➤  You must mail Applications to the Central Applications Office, Private Bag X06, Dalbridge, along with proof of payment and documentation.

➤ By letter, fax, or email, the CAO will confirm receipt of applications; applicants must confirm their basic information and choices; provide information on special program requirements; and list outstanding

➤  Applicants must double-check the information and notify the CAO in writing if they wish to change their program selection. Any changes will cause an additional R120 payment.

➤  Institutions will use the Internet to access the applications. UKZN may make early/conditional offers based on National Senior Certificate (NSC) results if they have already got, or excellent Grade 11, Grade 12 mid-year, or trial results.

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2. Applications Directly to UKZN

Applications Directly to UKZN

Direct application to the University of KwaZulu-Natal, UKZN, can be done online or by post (Manual), depending on your preference. You must submit the following applications must to UKZN directly:

  • Previously registered UKZN students wanting to return to complete their
  • Previously registered UKZN students wanting to apply to another undergraduate
  • Applicants for non-degree studies.
  • New applicants for admission to non-CAO programs are listed in the College section of this Prospectus.
  • New applicants applying for admission to Semester 2 (August).

3. UKZN Online Application

The University has created an online application system, which is described further below. Online applications are available for the following candidates:

  • Postgraduate and international applicants;
  • Returning former UKZN undergraduate Applicants;
  • First-time entering South African undergraduate applicants should apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO);
  • A non-refundable application fee of R200 is payable to UKZN (late fee R400);

Supporting Documentation

Interested applicants must submit the required documents when applying for a new qualification. The closing date for applications is the deadline for uploading the required documents.

The school will accept documents submitted after the application deadline. The University of KwaZulu-Natal is not required to supply scanners or electronic devices.

Before beginning the application process, always ensure that they have scanned your documents and uploaded them to an electronic device.

UKZN Contact Details

You can reach them via DBN: +27 31 260 1111, PMB: +27 33 260 5111, or call them via this number  +27 31 260 8596

Getting in Touch with Them Via E-Mail 

Below are ways to get in touch with them via mail


Frequently Asked Questions on UKZN Admission Contact Details

1. What is UKZN Email Address?


2. Is UKZN Open for walk-ins?

No walk-ins will be allowed on all UKZN campuses.

3. Is UKZN Open for 2024 Application?
The University of KwaZulu-Natal has announced that they have late applications available for the 2024 academic year. 

4. How do I Check the Status of my UKZN Application?

To check UKZN Application Status go to:, Select Application Year (e.g. 2024 or 2024), Enter: CAO, UKZN Student, ID or Passport Number, and click the Check button.

5. How Long does it Take to be Accepted at UKZN?

According to UKZN, application verification takes time. UKZN may not respond to your application for six to eight weeks after the deadline. That means you can check the status of your application six weeks after the application deadline.

6. How Many Points does UKZN Require?

To be eligible to apply for admission to UKZN and the BBA/BAdmin programs, you must have the following qualifications: A NSC Degree pass with at least 26 NSC points (excluding the LO score), mathematics at NSC rating (level) 3, English at rating (level) 4, and Life Orientation at rating (level) 4.

7. What is the Pass Mark at UKZN?

If the re-mark yields a passing grade or is less than 40%, the supplementary script(s) are destroyed (but they do not refund the fee for the supplementary). If the re-mark is 40-48 percent, the original mark is replaced, and the supplementary script is marked.

More Frequently Asked Questions on UKZN Admission Contact Details

8. Are UKZN Applications Open for 2024?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has opened its applications for 2024.

9. Can I Apply to UKZN without CAO?

Applications must be submitted through the Central Applications Office (CAO), with qualifying applicants receiving early provisional offers.

10. Can I Apply to UKZN Directly?

If you want to apply for undergraduate non-degree studies or a program that is not listed in the CAO Handbook, you must apply directly to UKZN. To request application materials, email

UKZN offers several unique degrees; we are the only institution in the world that provides training and degrees in food security.

It provides an exceptionally diverse range of exciting and innovative courses that will broaden perspectives, and foster independent critical thinking. You should give it a try, It’s an amazing school.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please share with your family and friends.


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