UJ Late Application 2024- Apply Now

Do you still want to apply for UJ and you don’t know if the application process is still on? Then you’re in the right place. The procedures to submit your application online are listed below. Read through to get more information on UJ Late Application.

UJ Late Application

UJ Late Application 2024

The University of Johannesburg is among the best universities in the country. They established it in 2005 has begun the UJ Late Application 2024 for students who had missed the application window.

They have announced the UJ Late Application 2024 opening date and UJ Late Application 2024 closing date.

Students who desire to be part of the university and are looking for the UJ Late Application 2024 opening date and the closing date can get the same here in the coming sections. We have also furnished details of how to apply via www.uj.ac.za online application 2024

UJ Late Application 2024 Opening Date

The search for UJ’s late application 2024 opening date and UJ’s late application 2024 closing date increased in the past few days as the University of Johannesburg has been giving hints they would announce the UJ Late Application 2024 Opening Date soon.

Finally, they announced the  2024 Opening Date and the closing date on their official website at www.uj.ac.za online application 2024. Given below is the UJ Late Application 2024 Opening Date.

Steps For University of Johannesburg Late Registration

Here are steps on how to go about late registration for the University of Johannesburg:

  • You must provide your UJ student number, Grade 12 test number, or ID number before clicking the “Submit” button.
  • Check your personal information, then click “confirm.” The system will let you know if you meet the prerequisites for any open courses even if you haven’t applied to UJ.
  • The system will show your final application status for the courses you have applied for if you have already applied at UJ.
  • If it satisfied you with the state of your application, click on registration information to view all the registration-related information. Click Change Course if they do not satisfy you with your current course.
  • You will see a list of courses by faculty that you can take if there is space. Please choose the faculty of your choice.
  • An inventory of programs offered

The Closing Date for UJ Late Application 2024

UJ late applications are open from 21 January 2024 (20:00) until 27 January 2024 (09:00). For more details about the University of Johannesburg late applications 2024, go to UJ Late inquiries page.

How to Contact UJ/ UJ Application Contact Details

For admission inquiries contact UJ:

Steps to Check Your UJ Application Status

  • Tracking your status at the University of Johannesburg, Kindly Visit the University of Johannesburg application status tracker page here https://student.uj.ac.za/status.aspx
  • Enter your personal information for verification. To check your application status at the University of Johannesburg, you’ll need your student number, Full name/forename(s), or email address, as well as the password you provided when you applied.
  • Fill in the relevant information and click the next button to see the status of your application.
  • You’ll be able to see which documents have been received and whether they need any more to complete your application. Your application will be examined for a decision once all relevant documents, including authentic copies of transcripts and certificates, have been submitted.
  • As per the timeframes set by your department, a decision will be made. When the Office of Admissions gets the department’s decision, they will send you an email.
  • By logging into the University of Johannesburg applicant site, you can verify the status of your application.



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