Simple ways to Maintain your Computer

Simple ways to Maintain your Computer

Your computer is an expensive electronic investment that requires proper upkeep.


Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining your computer.

1. Padding your computer.


To transport your computer, invest in a laptop sleeve, laptop case, or laptop bookbag. You could even make your own from a sleeping bag or a pillow. Dropping your laptop a few times could cause it to crash, erasing all of your crucial papers.

2. Take Care of Your Battery.

Laptop batteries have a limited lifespan. As a result, avoid leaving your battery charged all the time. Remove the battery or unhook the power line once the battery has finished charging. You should also charge your battery completely before unplugging it and use it completely before recharging it.

3. Antivirus and Firewall.

It’s critical to keep a current antivirus application. A virus or spyware infection might cost over $150 to remove. You should also protect any confidential data on your PC.

4. Defragment Your Hard Drive.

If you have a Mac, your computer takes care of itself on a regular basis. If you use a PC, defragmenting your hard disk on a regular basis will help your machine run quicker.

5. Reformat Your PC

If your machine is old, consider backing up your data and reinstalling Windows. It’s a bother sometimes, but I do it for my own protection, especially after removing viruses or malware.


6. Disable Non-Use Programs.

If your computer takes a long time to start, it’s probably loading apps scheduled to run automatically. Access System Configuration to see which apps should not run at startup and disable them.

Computers last five to eight years if properly cared for, but that lifespan can be shortened drastically if users do not secure the hardware. Apply these steps today and enjoy!


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