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Northwestern High School Reviews 2024| Admission, Requirements, Academics, Scholarships


Are you a student looking for Scholarships or funds to carry on your educational needs? If yes, The Northwestern High School Reviews is available for various course levels and the scholarship is offered by different universities and colleges.

Northwestern High School Reviews




The Northwestern High School Reviews and grants are for both local and international students. So interested students should start now and search for the courses that suit them.

Applications for Northwestern High School Reviews are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, as this article has arranged every detail you need and listed the top Nursing scholarships for national and international students.

How to Apply for Northwestern High School Reviews

Here are some brief descriptions of the top Northwestern High School Reviews.

About the school

Northwestern High School was founded in 1961.  It was then located in the “The Old High School Building” in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.  In 1993, Northwestern High School was moved to its current location at 1300 West Jackson Boulevard in the city’s Near West Side.  A new building was erected and was completed in 2005, and now houses over 1,000 students.

Since the opening of the new building, Northwestern High School has been adding new programs and curriculum to its curriculum.  They have been taking many steps to become the better high school, and are always seeking ways to better their school.  The school is now fully equipped with computers for the students.  Northwestern offers academic classes that suit the needs of the students.


Northwestern High School’s Mission

Over the years, Northwestern High School has demonstrated an ability to provide a positive education to the most challenging of students in the city of Chicago. We have consistently sent a large portion of our students to high school graduation and beyond, and have won many awards as a result.  Our mission is to improve the academic and social success of the students we serve.

Northwestern High School Admission

The school provides a seamless admissions process, allowing all the potential applicants to apply online, along with the comprehensive essay, interview, and grade. This allows applicants to see our school online, make an informed decision, and have their applications ready for submission by December 30.

We review all students on a first-come, first-served basis and accept only 1,500 students in total for the 2024-2024 school year. We are not accepting applications for students currently in our current classes. Our policy states that the current class will continue through the end of the 2024-2024 school year, but not beyond.

Admission Requirements

For the entry deadline of February 1st, you may download the application and mail it in or e-mail it to Our application and every year’s application are available online here. You may only apply to one school per year.

The application will ask for information regarding your child’s educational history, demonstrated abilities, motivation for the academic program, extracurricular activities, work experience, financial needs, as well as any other information that will allow us to determine if you are a good fit for the Northwestern High community. The process does not take long, but each parent will need to provide a little information.

A high school diploma or GED  A unique skill in a specialized area such as English or History  A parent/guardian financial obligation of $5,000.00, which can be satisfied through a FAFSA or hardship withdrawal  Northwestern High School was the first high school in Alabama to receive the Microsoft award, an honor presented to schools that show exemplary achievement in using technology to improve educational achievement.

The school uses the Microsoft Suite of products, including PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, etc.  The software suite is managed by one server which is centrally located on the North and East sides of the school.  Room 162 is the Learning Resource Center where the students can access the Microsoft suite on laptops and Macs.

Academic Offerings

The mission is to transform students into future global citizens who are secure and confident in who they are. We offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that prepares students for admission to selective colleges and universities.

The classes cover a wide variety of academic content, with an emphasis on reading and analyzing essays. We welcome honors and advanced placement courses for students who want to stretch themselves academically.

The school also offers a robust fine arts curriculum that includes violin, piano, and choir, as well as various other electives. For students who have opted not to take advantage of these electives, we offer after-school arts programs and summer camps to help them continue to cultivate their talents and interests.

Northwestern High School offers a wide range of course opportunities to fit each student’s interests and needs
The primary school of Northwestern High School, opened in September 1851, housed children in the lower section of what is now The Avenue of Flags.

The primary school building was constructed of wood and pine, was wide, long, and high.  As of 1855, the school housed 85 students.  In 1856, the construction of a new and larger building was started.  By 1859, the new building was opened and boys and girls were segregated.  The initial capacity of the school was 850 students, but by 1870, the capacity was increased to 1,200 students.

Northwestern High School offers a range of AP courses

Along with a wide range of extracurricular activities available, Northwestern High School offers a rigorous musical education.  Currently, the musical ensembles at Northwestern are as follows:  All three ensembles perform at school concerts, put on local shows, and tour the region to play other schools.

Two of the ensembles also perform in competitions throughout the year, including the Scholastic Music Festival of New Jersey.  Each year, the choir class competes in two Vocal Music State Competitions; One at James Caldwell High School in Trenton, and one at Hunterdon Central High School in Raritan.  Other than that, the choir is available for class meetings, and for students to participate in the performing arts.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

In addition to receiving any federal, state or local financial aid available, students at Northwestern High School are eligible for the South Florida Section to Advancement Placement (SAP) Scholarships.  To receive full scholarship status for the Northwestern College of Business, students must have a score of 2100 or higher on the SAT.

Students also must have a minimum of 5.0 GPA, and must be members of the National Honour Society and participate in 50 hours of community service per year.  Students will be required to maintain a minimum of 40 cumulative credits.

Students can earn one half credit per semester for completing the school’s optional course “Cross Country, Decathlon, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse or Swim”.  In the 1990s, the school’s sports program struggled.

Location & Demographics

Students can attend Northwestern High School in either the North Omaha neighborhood or the main campus located at the Summit of the Rockies campus.  The North Omaha Campus is the primary campus and offers students the ability to live on campus, with limited transportation options, or even commute with their parents.  The Summit campus offers a smaller, more diverse set of residence halls as well as a variety of resources for student success.

Northwestern High School has a non-denominational, Christian curriculum and values.  The mission statement of Northwestern is to provide students with a rigorous academic experience that values faith and service.  The school offers a rigorous curriculum that includes preparation for college, state testing, and a recognized state curriculum.

General information

Academic Information  Asheboro High School offers a wide variety of courses for students to take. Students can choose from 4 different academic classes to earn their diploma: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. These classes require very high marks in order to pass.  In addition, students can take Advanced Placement and dual-enrollment courses.

AP courses give students the opportunity to earn college credits. Dual enrollment gives students the opportunity to complete their general education courses through class work and an exam.  Extracurricular Activities  Asheboro High School is known for its many different extracurricular activities. Students can join many different clubs to get involved in. Some clubs include: band, drama, science, and National Honor Society.


The mission of the Northwestern High School program is to inspire and empower young people in our community to become excellent citizens who lead productive and successful lives, beyond the limits of the school.

We offer an academically rigorous curriculum that includes a full-time curriculum of core academic courses in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science. Each school year we offer hundreds of new and returning students the chance to explore higher education options and build strong and lasting relationships in and out of the classroom.  Northwestern High is a member of the Chicago Public School system.

There are about 10 AP classes at Asheboro High School. Students may choose from AP Calculus, AP English Language and Composition, AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science Skills, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Psychology, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Spanish, and AP Spanish II. Students must earn a total of 30 points to pass the AP exam.


Teacher: Mr. Toby Harris, Mrs. Mayann McLaurin, Mr. Josh McNair.
Academic Decathlon Team:  Academic Decathlon is a national academic competition in which teams of students take on a series of college-style questions. Students are graded on each one they answer.  Proficiency in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education is required for entry in the competition. Participation is open to students in grades 9-12 from schools within the 15 North Carolina counties served by the Randolph County Schools.

Test scores

Asheboro High School is a public high school in Asheboro, NC. The school offers a variety of academic and extracurricular activities for students to participate in. It has a very welcoming and welcoming environment and has a variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in.

Northwestern High School is a public school that educates students from grades 9-12. The school has a very welcoming and welcoming environment and has a variety of clubs and organizations for students to get involved in.

Northwestern High School has an average of 3,109 students at its high school. Its high school also has a faculty of 50.1% with an average of 11.

Important information

  • More than half of our students live in the neighborhood surrounding our school.
  • At least 85% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  • We take children who come from socio-economically challenged families and provide them with the support they need. For more information on the demographic profile of our students, read the admissions essay.
  • Our tuition covers most of the cost of the education that each of our students receives.
  • Students take college level classes with other students in the city, and our curriculum is as rigorous as that of any public school.
  • We hire dedicated and caring teachers.
  • We provide students and families with the same access to counseling that public schools provide.

Students can come to Asheboro High School by completing the NCHSAT, an assessment taken in the 9th or 10th grade, to determine their score in the subject area they would like to enter into.  The NCHSAT is a nationally-recognized examination in reading, math, writing, and science. It is considered the gateway to a higher education.

After taking the NCHSAT, students can earn college credit and early admission to most colleges. In addition to this examination, students can also apply for a range of scholarships.  Academics  The academic program at Asheboro High School is designed to help students explore their interests and gain the confidence and skill set needed to succeed.

Scholarships Available to New Students

Asheboro High School offers a number of scholarships to its students. Students are eligible to apply for certain scholarships based on the student’s GPA and ACT score. These scholarships are good for the following years.  2024-20  Autumn Boyd was awarded the Auburn University Associated College Scholars Bursary. She received $3,000.

The Auburn University Associated College Scholars Bursary is given to a student that has exceptional academic accomplishments, but have either completed the requirements to finish their first year of college, or are enrolled in college in the Fall.  NHS, along with the other two comprehensive high schools in the Asheboro City Schools district, offers the AP, AP/IB, Core College Experience, and Honors Courses.

Most Northwestern High School students must achieve a minimum GPA and SAT scores of 1400 to be considered for admission, but many competitive scholarships are available. To learn more, visit the Northwestern High School website for more details about the admissions process.

Applications Due March 1, 2024 To apply to Northwestern High School for the 2024 school year, complete the admissions application, Submit a transcript of your previous high school transcripts, and list any colleges, universities, and military academies you plan to apply to during the course of your admissions process.

Northwestern High School is a Chicago Public School, but we do not receive any of Chicago Public School’s funding. Instead, Northwestern is fortunate enough to have generous donors who support our students and their educational experience.

We will be hosting two events for prospective students:  5/12 | Opening and Informational Session at Northwestern High School 5/27 | Northwestern High School Fair and Resource Fair Northwestern High School Applications, Early Action. To learn more about the deadlines and how to apply to our school, please visit our admissions page here.


Many students want to attend charter schools to access a different educational experience. Northwestern High School is one of the best charter schools in Chicago and is proud to be a top destination for Chicago Public Schools students. The charter school has high standards, academic programs, and benefits.

We help prepare students for success in high school, college, and the workplace.  Net Income: $941,303.41  Total Net Income: $1,010,925.00  You can read more about the school and the top companies and firms that partner with them here in the school website.

Recommendations:Northwestern High School has worked hard to give students an exceptional education. We provide high academic standards, world-class programs, and personalized services.



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