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How to Use Moodle WSU (Walter Sisulu University)


Moodle is a helpful tool for online learning that allows instructors and students a simple way to complete assignments and interact with course material. This platform offers excellent support for in-person, online, mobile, and other modes of learning. Read through to get more information on moodle WSU.

moodle wsu 


Some Brief Information About Moodle WSU

Through peer interaction and knowledge testing through activities and assessment quizzes, this platform makes learning dynamic for students.


Because of the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic, online learning has become more popular and several universities have used Moodle.

It is crucial that students understand how to use the platform as well, even, though professors may use it to develop courses, assignments, and quizzes, and to monitor students’ progress.

How to Use Moodle

  • Open a browser, preferably Google Chrome or the latest version of Internet Explorer. 
  • To access Moodle you must go to the link provided by your university and click on it. (This will either be found on your university’s website in the ‘Quick links’ section or your university may have emailed it to your student email.)
  • Then navigate to ‘Log in’ at the top of the screen and click on it. 
  • Enter your username (which is usually your student number) and enter your password (which may be the password you make use of when logging into your university email and Wi-Fi).
  • Then click ‘Login’. 

When you click on “My Courses” after logging in, you can find the courses your lecturer has supplied for you. You also have access to a calendar that lists the tasks you need to do each day. They could also present the tasks and assignments in the navigation tray under “Dashboard.”

There can be a bar labeled “Announcements” that displays important announcements regarding each of your courses. You can set this up so that you receive email notification alerts when you receive updates from professors or other students about new forum posts and graded assignments.

Every Moodle site’s design may vary depending on the university. However, it is typically simple to comprehend.


Submit the Following Documents

There are the certain documents you’d have to submit for different categories of person, we have listed them below:

For New Applicants

The university considers various post-matric certificates for admission purposes.

  1. The following certificates are accepted:
  • The “Old Senior” certificate
  • The National Senior Certificate “NSC”
  • National Certificate Vocational “NCV”
  • N6 certificate
  • Current grade 12 learners must upload grade 11 final results and first-quarter or mid-year results if available.
  • Post-matric candidates must upload matric or equivalent certificates, academic records, copy of ID or passports.
  1. Some departments may consider mature age exemptions for admission into some programs. For more information, you may enquire from the Admissions Office at

For Transfer Students

Students who are from another tertiary institution may apply and submit the following documents:

  • Matric Certificate
  • Post-matric certificate;
  • Identity document;
  • Official academic report;
  • Conduct certificate

For International Applicants

You will need to first apply to Universities in South Africa (Usaf) for evaluation of school results or other degree/diploma certificates. When you receive the results from Usaf you may begin with the application process and upload the results and a copy of your passport.



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