Herschel girls school (Tuition and Fees 2024)

Claremont is home to Herschel Girls School High School. An independent Anglican school for girls, Herschel Girls School was established in 1922 and is located on a historic campus in Claremont, Cape Town. It provides high-quality instruction for students in grades 0 through 12. Read through to get more information on Herschel girls school 

Herschel girls school


About Herschel Girl School

Herschel Girls is situated in the South African city of Cape Town. Within the City of Cape Town region of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality is this Private Combined School.


The Western Cape Education Department is the division of the Western Cape government in South Africa that is in charge of basic and secondary education.

The Provincial Minister of Education, who is now Donald Grant, serves as the department’s political head.

Application Process

You must submit The following information together with the application (both online or downloaded):

proof of payment of the non-refundable registration fee of R350


the applicant’s unabridged birth certificate or a birth certificate accompanied with both parents’ ID copies

applicant’s latest school report (where applicable)

a valid study permit or proof of application thereof, in the case of non-South African citizens


proof of legal guardianship (where applicable).

Online Application Process

Online Application Process

Complete the online Admissions Application by entering details of the Contact (Parent/s) and the Pupil/s fields. Please ensure to fill in all details.

After submitting the application, the primary contact will receive an email response with a username and password to access the application. Please read through the Terms and Conditions before submitting.

The contact will be able to log into the portal using the username and password to upload, edit details and complete the application form. To return to the application, revert to the Admissions application by selecting the online application option. Click on the login button positioned on the right side of the page.

The contact will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application. Only then is the application complete.

Herschel Girls School Fees

The cost at Hendel school differs according to grade. For grade 9 the fee is R 134,400, For grade 10, the fee is R 134,620, grade 11 fee is R 133,100, and finally grade 12 which is R 133,100

Herschel Girls School Uniform

To find out about schools uniform for Herschel Girls, please contact the school Principal below

Contact Information

For admission, study, uniform, school’s extra mural activities, as well as performance, you will need to contact Mr/Miss :

Phone number: +270216707500

Email Address: Not confirmed

Physical Address: 21 Herschel Road, Claremont, CITY OF CAPE TOWN, 7708

Postal Address: 21 Herschel Road, Claremont, City Of Cape Town, 7708

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Herschel Girls a Good School?

The school, described as “one of the country’s best-known schools for girls”, is one of the top performing schools in South Africa, achieving the highest academic results in the country for National Senior Certificate exams in 2024

2. Is Herschel a Private School?

Herschel Girls School is a private, weekly boarding and day school for girls, located in Claremont, a southern suburb of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

3. How Old is Herschel School?

They established the school in the year 1922

4. Is Herschel a Catholic School?

The school has pre-nursery through to grade 12 and is affiliated with the Anglican church, which owns the school buildings.

5. How Much are Boarding Schools in South Africa?

In South Africa, boarding schools now cost an average of R342,155 a year – and all top ten schools costs more than R280,000 annually.

6. What are the Negative Effects of Boarding?

The lasting effects of early boarding are a hidden trauma. A young child is sent away from home to live with strangers, and in the process loses their attachment figures and their home. 

7. How Much is the Cheapest Boarding School in KZN?

Linpack high school offers affordable tuition and boarding fees for students. Parents can pay a school fee of about R16 450.00 and quarterly or annual boarding fees of R6 500.00 or R26 000.00.

8. How Much Does the Average Boarding School Cost?

Boarding Schools In Gauteng Fees (Average) The average school fees for boarding schools in Gauteng ranges from R22,000- R67,000.

Private, weekly boarding and day school for girls called Herschel Girls School is situated in Claremont, a southern suburb of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

They associate the school with the Anglican church. They own the school building and offers pre-nursery to grade 12 classes.

One of the top-performing schools in South Africa, the institution is referred to as “one of the country’s best-known institutions for girls.” In the 2024 National Senior Certificate exams, the institution received the highest academic performance nationwide.


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