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(Gauteng City Region Academy Bursary) GCRA Bursary 2024

Students who live in Gauteng and are unemployed are eligible for the GCRA Bursary. The Gauteng City-Region Academy created this bursary to advance and cultivate skills in the Gauteng region. The GCRA bursary is accessible for ALL academic disciplines.

gcra bursary 2024


About The Gauteng City Region Academy

Actually, a division of the Gauteng Department of Education, the GCRA Their main objective is to help people in the Gauteng province enhance their talents, and they achieve this by offering bursaries, learnerships, internships, and programs that help you find a certain vocation.


The Gauteng City Academy bursary is one method of assisting young people in developing their skills and locating suitable employment.

GCRA Bursary 2024

Students who desire to continue their education but lack the funds to do so can receive financial aid from GCRA. Both undergraduate and graduate students who live in the province of Gauteng are eligible for the GCRA bursary program.

Any field of study is acceptable for students. They may apply for the bursary money as long as they satisfy the eligibility standards (explained in more detail in the following section).

Once awarded, the bursary will cover the following expenses (as per the bursary contract):

  • Registration fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation cost
  • Books
  • Laptop

A maximum of R 65,000 will be given to those remaining in residence. The maximum award for students living off-campus or in private housing is R47,000 per year. The total amount that each bursar will receive will be determined by GCRA.


Within 3 to 4 weeks of the closing date, shortlisted candidates will be notified of their selection. Consider your application failed if you haven’t heard from us by phone or email before then.

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Who Can Apply for GCRA Bursary 2024?

You must meet the following requirements in order to apply for this scholarship:

  • You are a South African Citizen residing in Gauteng Province
  • You are currently unemployed
  • You have a Grade 12 certificate
  • Preference will be given to students who are part of a previously disadvantaged group
  • You are between 18 and 35 years old
  • You are currently studying or going to study at a tertiary institution full time

They must satisfy the following three requirements in order for you to be eligible for this scholarship. However, if you do, don’t forget to apply because you still need to do that.

  • You are a top achiever at a school based in Gauteng
  • You are part of the top 3 learners from a Gauteng-based school (no fee)
  • You are in the top 3 students for LSEN (Learners Special Education Needs) in a Gauteng-based school

Application Details

The Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) Bursary 2024 application procedure must be finished. It’s a quick and easy online process. Even if it’s straightforward, you still need to follow the instructions carefully and carefully. They reject submissions that are incorrect or incomplete and out of hand.

You would also need to enter your academic information and the results of your Matric exams. In the bursary application portal, you would have to indicate which sort of bursary you are requesting. Options include:

  • New Intake
  • Renewal
  • Reinstatement
  • Top achievers
  • Top 3 achiever
  • Top 3 in LSEN
  • MEC/HOD Discretion (if the HOD has advised you to apply)
  • Veteran Discretion (if you’re a child of a military veteran)
  • Financial assistance (you required assistance)
  • Top-Ups (if you have an existing bursary but it’s insufficient)

Application Documents for GCRA Bursary 2024

The following document should be ready to submit with your application:

  • Certified copy of Matric Certificate (not over three months) and results if doing a semester course.
  • Certified copy of Identity Document (not over three months)
  • Proof of registration or acceptance letter from PSET Institution
  • Proof of residence required (either a Water and Electricity bill, stamped ward councilors letter, or in case of rural areas, a recognized letter from traditional authority to show proof of address)
  • Letter of Motivation (The motivation letter should indicate why they require and deserve financial assistance)
  • Disability / Medical Report if applicable
  • Proof of income from parents if employed (both parents’ salary advice). Affidavits will be required for the following:
    • If single parented
    • Unemployed parents
    • Guardian – an affidavit and proof of guardianship
    • Orphans – include death certificates
    • Applicants whose surnames are different from parents and/or guardians

It’s simple to apply; just visit the GCRA’s online registration portal to do so. There, you must finish the registration process and create an account.


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