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Assistant Teacher Superstar Teacher 2023


About 270,000 Jobs Available Now for teacher assistants – you could work at a school near where you live – and be paid more than R4000 per month as a salary! Read our article to see how to apply for the teacher’s Assistant vacancies.

Assistant Teacher Superstar Teacher


This Assistant Teacher offer is for South Africans ready to take on the responsibilities that will be conferred on them as the Assistant Teacher Superstar Teacher.


If you want to be part of this enabling experience, you can read on to learn the requirements for this program. 

Assistant Teacher Superstar Teacher

We’re looking for Superstar Teachers! 🤩Have you met a teacher who was so brilliant that you thought, “If only everyone could learn from this incredible human”?At Huddle, we’re looking for South Africa’s greatest teachers to create lessons that are so rigorous and joyful, that every teenager in the country will want to learn from them. Responsibilities 🚀Top priority: Create remarkable lessons that lead to exceptional student performance. How?

  • As big believers in backward planning, we start by doing the following:
    • Conduct a thorough analysis of the curriculum, highlighting the key concepts that need to be mastered
    • Set rigorous assessments
    • Create a detailed annual curriculum plan with objectives for every lesson.
  • We then take our clear lesson objectives and create lesson plans with;
    • A hook that piques curiosity.
    • “I Do” – where the teacher builds small bridges that safely transport learners from what they don’t know to what they need to know.
    • “We Do” – where the teacher and learner work together through scaffolded examples.
    • “You Do” – learning is an active, not passive, process, so we believe in lots of independent practice.
    • “Exit ticket” – quality checks for understanding that capture mastery data and give instant feedback so that learners & teachers can identify and close gaps in understanding.
  • After that, it’s time to have fun!
    • We record our lessons with passion, humour, special effects, guest speakers, simulations, relatable analogies, stories, role play, dogs, dancing, and more. Rigour certainly comes first, but if we can also make learning fun, why not!?
    • We upload our lessons to an engaging intelligent learning platform
  • Observe, gather data & feedback, and iterate
    • We don’t want teachers creating lessons in an airconditioned ivory tower, disconnected from our learners. Our teachers visit our classrooms to conduct user observations and occasionally teach in-person lessons to better understand our target audience, and close gaps identified in the mastery dashboards.
    • Our Head of Pedagogy and professional Development, who designed our Education Philosophy (inspired by the likes of Dan Willingham, Barack Rosenshine, John Sweller, Anders Ericcson, and Doug Lemov) is obsessed with high-quality teaching and learning and provides regular feedback with actionable next steps.
    • Our team is highly committed to perpetual growth. During our Guardians of Greatness feedback sessions, our whole team completes each others’ lessons, followed by robust conversations about the lessons’ strengths and “even better ifs”.

RequirementsBrilliance and potential come in many shapes and sizes. We don’t adopt a cookie-cutter approach to recruitment but below are some ideal features that we’re looking for.

  • Education:
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Bachelor’s Degree + PGCE.
    • SACE accredited
    • Advantageous to have a masters in curriculum development, educational technology, or a related field
  • Experience:
    • Advantageous if you have:
      • 5 years of classroom-based teaching in high school.
      • Experience in curriculum design.
      • Created videos or digital learning experiences.
      • Taught in underprivileged schools.
      • Marked matric exams
      • Knowledge of pedagogical principles and teaching & learning best practices
  • Character (your character is far more important than your qualifications and experience)
    • Your big heart and sharp mind feels called to uplift South African children.
    • You’re so obsessed with quality teaching & learning that it feels like play instead of work.
    • Startup mindset. Quick learner, adaptable, innovative, resourceful, resilient. Love solving problems. Not easily overwhelmed. Can handle uncertainty.
    • Team player. Great communicator and collaborate well with colleagues, learners and stakeholders at partner schools.
    • Self-managed. You’re so organised and reliable, that you don’t really need a manager. You just need thinking partners to experiment, panel beat ideas and solve problems with.
    • Growth mindset. Instead of a manager, you’d love a coach. You feel comfortable sharing lessons and actively seek feedback with humility and curiosity to continuously hone your soul craft.
    • Data and performance-driven.
    • Hard worker. You produce excellent work with positive urgency
    • Creative. Unconventional thinker.
    • Fun. We spend a lot of time with our colleagues. We love working with enthusiastic, goofy, playful, authentic, wholesome humans.

BenefitsAn epic mission to make high-quality education accessible to every child in South Africa.A stunning workplace is stunning colleagues. Work with smart, passionate, fun humans who are as obsessed with teaching & learning as you are. Salary – we want to offer the best teacher salaries in South Africa. Ranging from R10k per month (part-time) to R80k per month, depending on your level of expertise.Leave: TBCProfessional development. Our Head of Pedagogy and Professional Development brings a wealth of experience and passion from developing teachers and school leaders across multiple continents, and will work closely with you on your personal professional development journey. We prioritise professional development and constant learning. Star athletes train and receive almost constant coaching – star teachers should be no different. Regular, actionable, feedback from both our Head of Pedagogy and fellow teachers is the norm. We are continually discussing our pedagogy as a team – reviewing video examples of best practices, observing each others’ work, and reading up on the best evidence-informed academic literature there is. Our goal is to push your thinking and your pedagogy further than you thought possible. Strong culture and values. Our core values are:

  • Love
    • Loyal to the learners
    • Team players
    • Joyful & adventurous
  • Logic
    • Intellectually humble and curious
    • Data-driven

Huddle Education  Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We love our office days, host themed team off-sites at cool locations, and have high-quality banter in our Daily Stand-Ups (and on our WhatsApp group😂). We encourage a healthy work-life balance. We want our teammates to thrive in life, and thus respect boundaries so that people can look after their health and the people they love most.


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