Why You Shouldn’t Be Working from Home

There are many benefits of working from home, especially when it’s an online job. With a laptop and internet connection, there is so much one can achieve while conveniently earning income. However, there are still downsides you should consider when thinking of working from home.

Why You Shouldn't Be Working from Home


Here are some of the disadvantages of working from home:

Home Distractions

Indeed, working from home allows you to spend more quality time with your friends and family. The question is, ‘ Will they be able to tell the time for play aside from the time of work?’ 


There will certainly be so many distractions in your work with family around. You will find your attention divided between work and family. This scenario will ultimately decrease your productivity.

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Improper Socialization

There is a lighter atmosphere when you’re working around those who are working. Work is more lively when you’re relating with other individuals at work.

In some cases where you still have a physical workplace, it breaks your connection with other workers. It makes it difficult to also communicate information with you as it will be when you’re physically present. If you find yourself in this situation, always try to communicate with your workplace.

Lesser Connections

There are more connections to capture when you link up with the activities of the real world. Sometimes, it takes going out physically to sign certain contracts or meet new potential people.

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Health Implications

Working from home can harm your health. Some people quickly add more weight as they eat without moving around. Additionally, it could drastically reduce the level of sunlight the body receives daily.

If you’ll be working from home, taking natural supplements should be a culture. Constant exercises must also come into play.


With you controlling your working hours, there are risks of overworking yourself. Therefore, set breaks and schedules for other things aside from work.



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