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Why Women Seem To Age Faster Than Men

Who do you think fares better when it comes to skin aging, men or women? Men appear to have a little advantage according to general perception, however, this could be due to gendered conceptions of aging particularly in a society that is more judgmental of an older woman’s appearance than a male her age. Below are some of the reasons why women age faster than men.


Reasons why women age faster than men

Stress affects women than men

According to Dr. Judith Mohring, women are more prone to mental breakdowns, especially if they are work-related. After all, it’s the hormonal difference that explains everything. Depression is linked to hormonal variations. Furthermore, women are more affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder than men. Constant stress increases the aging process.

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Men skin are thicker

According to dermatologists, male skin is 25% thicker than female skin. Although the percentage may differ from person to person, the overall figure remains consistent. Male faces have fewer wrinkles than female faces, but the ones that do exists are deeper.


Menopause takes a toll on women

Menopause causes a decrease in hormones, which accelerates the aging process. When a woman reaches menopause, her body stops making as much collagen as it once did. The skin’s suppleness is lost as a result of this.

Different testosterone levels

Estrogen is responsible for the young appearance of a woman’s face, whereas testosterone is more common in men. Testosterone levels that are high slow down the aging process. Although estrogen has anti-aging properties, its production diminishes more quickly than testosterone. Women are the first to develop wrinkles because of this.

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Women who have given birth age more quickly

According to a study conducted at George Mason University, pregnancy makes you look 11years older. Women who have given birth have shorter telomeres than those who have never had a child. The older you appear, the shorter your telomeres are. Furthermore, stress during pregnancy is prevalent, which speeds up the aging process.


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