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Why Study in Canada From Kenya?



The truth is many African students wish to study in Europe, America(south and north), due to the low educational standards in Africa.



Since Canada ranks among the top 10 countries with great educational standards, many foreign students would love to study  there.



Another factor to remember(since it has been mentioned earlier) is, Canada’s tuition fees has been subsidized.


From the benefits, which will be discussed next, you will discover that studying in Canada is worth it.






  • Benefits of studying in Canada
  • Studying in Canada vs Kenya comparison
  • Prospects in Canada after study
  • Popular Canadian provinces for Kenyan students
  • Conclusion
  • Faqs
  • References





Canada is ranked among the top 3 countries in the world for studying abroad. There must be something unique about this country right? Every year students from different corners of the world migrate to Canada for their higher education. Are you curious to know why? In this article, we will present you the reasons for it.






Canada provides quality of education and expectations for living in Canada at an affordable price compared to the USA and UK. It has some of the lowest college fees and tuition, which is the major reason behind a major crowd of students immigrating to Canada.

In addition to affordable opportunities, there are various scholarships. You can apply for scholarships to make your education in Canada more affordable.




A Canadian study visa allows international students to work while studying. They can work for a maximum of up to 20 hours a week. The major benefit is they can work without having to apply for a separate work permit. Also, international students are allowed to work full time during semester breaks and summer breaks.


Working while studying can prove to be a great opportunity for students to gain international work experience. They can build a good network even before they graduate. Students can work in any field, it is not mandatory to work in the same field of study. This is one of the benefits for international students in Canada.




Canada can be called as one of the world’s safest country. You will get to know, as soon as you enter the country for the first time. Canada is marked as the country having a very low crime rate. You should also know that the cases of racial discrimination are very rare in this advance country.

Canadian Colleges and universities take extra measures to make the environment safe for international students. In case, if you face any emergency in Canada, you can call the toll free number 911. This number is used in need of fire emergency, ambulance or police.




The students graduating from a Canadian university have a fat chance to land a job in no time.  90% of Canadian graduates secure a job within six months after their graduation. Due to the advancements in technologies, more and more companies are now shifting or opening branches in Canada. This automatically increases job opportunities.




Canada is renowned for its high quality of education. Any degree, certificate, or diploma issued in this country stands equal to the qualifications presented by the USA and other leading countries.



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There are various scholarships in the form of Canadian Government Scholarships, Non-Government Scholarships, Institutional Scholarships for international students. You can get scholarships based on Academic excellence, Language Proficiency, Extracurricular Indulgence and financial needs.





Though studying in Kenya might have some benefits, but studying in Canada is more beneficial.


Kenya is home to a number of national parks and wildlife reserves which makes it an ideal destination to study zoology, ecology, biology and other related studies. There are reasons to study in Kenya, there are also numerous reasons not to study there.


One of the reasons Kenya isn’t the right place to study is the fact that, Kenya has a share of economic problems like political corruption and agricultural decline. Though these reasons make Kenya a perfect case study for economic and political science, it (obviously) doesn’t make Kenya the best place to study.


Canada’s ranked among the countries with the best economy, education, technological revolution etc. These advantages makes Canada the best place for, if not for anybody, Kenyans to study.


In addition to the above mentioned problems associated with studying in Kenya, the Kenyan educational system lacks funding. There is also an availability of under qualified staff.

Strike(indefinite) among staff of Kenyan schools is common. There is also congestion in most schools.


All these factors play a vital role in making the Kenyan learning system “not”conducive.





In Canada, job opportunities abound in all cities and sectors. Even with a Bachelor’s degree, you can acquire a paying job. The top paying jobs in Canada are;


  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Engineers(Civil, software, systems)
  • Sociology
  • Financial Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Accounting
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Media & Journalism




According to different indices and rankings, Canada stands out for its quality of health service, which is one of the best in the world. This is why students interested in professionalizing in Canada should take into account that they must enter a medical school, which are normally found in university faculties that offer between three or four years to obtain the degree of doctor of medicine. However, before seeking medical school, students must have a bachelor’s degree in any of the natural science fields as one of the main requirements of the schools.


Depending on the region in which the university is located, the admission requirements may differ. The Association of Canadian Medical Schools is one of the admission control bodies for medical students. They frequently publish guidelines for the requirements, as well as evaluate the knowledge and quality of service of graduate physicians through the Medical College Admission Test, where they also recognize student participation in volunteer work. Such an exam exists because of the large number of students applying to medical schools.




Bagging a certificate in nursing sciences in Canada means that you have received an unparalleled tutelage and training from some of the leading professors in the world, in the field of nursing. Undoubtedly, through Canadian nursing school, you would have honed the practical knowledge and acquaint yourself with the ethics of the noble profession. No wonder hospitals, organizations, NGOs, among others literally do all they could to recruit nursing graduates from Canadian universities.

Interestingly, Canadian nursing program curriculum helps students to develop versatility and autonomy skills, which help them to interact and treat different people, appropriately. You will learn to deal with the complex health experiences of individuals, families and the community, in collaboration with other health professionals.

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Canada gives you the chance to practice clinical reasoning based on a body of knowledge, including theoretical and scientific knowledge. This program integrates theoretical and practical components.

As a bachelor’s degree holder, you will be exposed to various care contexts including surgery, geriatrics, medicine, pediatrics or perinatal care and mental health. You will have the chance to familiarize yourself with community health and critical care (e.g. emergency, intensive care).

Discover a profession with a human dimension that will allow you to intervene at all the highlights of people’s lives – from their birth to their end of life. In this way, you will contribute to improving the quality of life of patients, the quality of care, health services and the well-being of the Canadian society.




Canada has a high demand for engineers on the rise due to constant economic expansion. The highest paying engineering firms are often the software and civil specializations of the profession.


In Latin America, a Software Engineer earns an average of 4.72 USD per hour. However, in Canada, his hourly rate is around 36.22 USD on average. This means that in the latter,you would earn more in one hour than you could earn in the former in a full day (8-hour shift).

Civil Engineer in Canada has a salary of 6,322 USD per month, while in Ecuador the salary for this same position is 1,200 USD – a difference of more than 5,000 USD.




Sociology promotes understanding of societies, cultures and the various processes that give them life. Since the sociological perspective touches on so many disciplines, a good training in sociology is an important asset for a large number of professions. Indeed, people who study sociology can find themselves in a wide variety of fields of work, starting with social research and market studies, through policy analysis and human resources, not to mention activism, social and community action.




A Financial Analyst or Administrator can find great opportunities in Canada. In fact, the monthly salary for a senior level Financial Analyst is around 6,667 CAD per month, while in countries like Peru or Ecuador, you could earn up to 1,100 USD per month.




In this area, Project Managers are the best paid. At the senior level of the position, a professional earns $ 87,636 per year. A value well above the income you could have in Latin America, which is around USD 20,800 per year, in Canada you could earn 4 times more!




The Human Resources area is among the most promising professions in Canada. In British Columbia alone, 5,000 vacancies in the area of Human Resources are expected until 2025.

A Human Resources Manager earns around $1,124 (CAD) per week in Canada while their counterparts in Latin America earns around 395.20 USD per week.




In Canada, a professional in this branch earns 43,240 USD per year, while in Ecuador he earns an average of 16,044 USD, a surprising difference. Well, in Latin America the accounting work is not as well recognized in relation to other areas.




In an economy that is increasingly influenced by new technologies, Canada does its best to attract some of the best heads in the IT sector into the country. IT jobs generally offer good employment prospects, benefits, and working conditions. Salaries are usually competitive and teleworking is often possible. However, let me sound this note of warning to you, it is no longer enough to have a taste for technology to break through because, nowadays, you also have to know how to communicate and be inventive to succeed.

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In a democracy, journalism is the most legitimate and the most important of the communication professions. Whether we are talking about traditional media or new media, journalism is an essential activity, although it is constantly evolving.

Canada needs competent journalists to keep the country properly informed and impartially, especially in a technological world where anyone can deliver messages, which are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate and, often even, misleading.




There are so many provinces in Canada in which you can Study. Here is a list of the best provinces to study in Canada.


  • Saskatchewan
  • New Brunswick
  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Yukon
  • New found land and Labrador.





Each year, thousands of international students choose Canada as their study abroad destination, and the reasons are simple. Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries to live in in the world. The cost of living is affordable. It’s a very safe country. The  society is very multicultural, and all students benefit from a variety of programs that are internationally recognized, as well as the postgraduate work study permit, which allows students to work in Canada following graduation.





  • As a Student from Kenya do I need a sponsor for my education in Canada?


No, as a Kenyan Citizen, you don’t need someone to sponsor your studies in Canada. To be eligible for a Study Permit, you must: be enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI), prove you have enough money to pay for your tuition, fees, and living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada.  If you can meet the criteria in the application process, the student visa permit process should go smoothly for you as a Kenyan Citizen.


  • Can I work in Canada with a standard s1 student permit visa?


It is important to note that the S1 Canada student visa does allow the permit holder from Kenya to work part time through their studies.  You do not need an SW-1 visa to be allowed to work.  The S-1 Study permit allows Overseas students from Kenya to work either off campus or on campus in Canada.  A valid Study Permit will authorize 20 hours of a part-time job during semesters. During the vacation period, full time work is permitted.


  • Can I work Full Time as a student in Canada?


No. Your study permit does not allow this outside of your nominated course of Study.  As a Kenyan Citizen, you will be eligible to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session. During scheduled breaks, like the summer or winter holidays and spring break, you’re allowed to work more than 20 hours up to full time hours.  But strictly only during these times.


  • Do you need IELTS to be granted a study permit for Canada as applicant from Kenya?


Canadian Immigration does not require IELTS for the study permit application. However, as a Kenyan speaker, most high level post-secondary Canadian teaching institutions will require you to provide proof of your language proficiency in order for you to be offered admission. IELTS is just one of the accepted exams.


  • What is the cost of the Canadian Student Permit Extension?


An extension of your study visa is the same fee as your original application, being $150 Canadian per person






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