Why it’s good to have a best friend of the opposite sex.

There’s no reason you can’t consider someone of the other sex your closest confidant as long as you and your pal are on the same page regarding your friends-only status.

In fact, the advantages of having a BFF of the opposite sex are so compelling that you may decide to keep your best friend for the rest of your life.

Reasons why being friends with the opposite sex is beneficial.

1. Your closest buddy is always there for you, whether you’re attempting to acquire seats next to each other on a plane or simply warding off an overly flirtatious stranger. When it’s convenient or necessary, you can always act like you’re a pair.

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2. You get to spend a lot of time observing the world through the eyes of your opposite sex BFF. This gives you a lot of insight (and empathy) into the lives of “the other half.”

3. Sure, having your same-sex buddies tell you how great you look before a big date is one thing. However, obtaining an unbiased evaluation on your presentation not to mention a wonderful pep talk before a nerve-wracking date is invaluable.

4. Okay, for some of my buddies, this would be a big no no. Some people prefer the ambiguity of a relationship, or they may be pleased by some level of attraction that they don’t understand. This is a harmless benefit as long as you’re clear about the friendship and no one is leading the other on.

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Friendships may exist between men and women, and that there isn’t always a hidden agenda behind your friendship. Sometimes you just want to be in each other’s presence for the sake of it.

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