What To Know When You Are Chatting A Girl Online

 1. Who Cares About Perfect Messages? Be You

It is not at all uncommon for men to overthink about what they intend to text a girl.


They get anxious about writing this or that word. It makes chatting almost impossible.

Ironically enough, the more afraid of sending the wrong text message you become, the more you increase your chances of not actually getting a reply. The back and forth will drive you nuts. Here is an easy way to avoid this problem: stop caring so much about her reaction.


Yes, there are tricks to get a reply, but the last thing you need to do is stop being yourself to follow a script of techniques that don’t actually sound like you at all.

2. Other Guys Are Texting Her

Half of men don’t know, and the other half will conveniently forget that any cute girl is likely to have multiple conversations and notifications on WhatsApp happening at any time.


Do you realize how many guys are willing to text a girl behind a screen because they are less exposed and vulnerable? You were doing it yourself, so surely someone else is as well.

Don’t be afraid of her being particularly sensitive to WhatsApp flirt, because she receives this sort of thing a lot. If she’s not telling you, it’s so that you do not get upset.

Being one of several guys might seem discouraging, but if you see it from the other perspective, it’s also a little freeing. You can more easily push limits and feel a little less stressed knowing that the field is a little wider.


She May Stop Responding at Random

If guys are experienced with texting girls, they realize that at some point they may just up and stop texting back altogether.

This anxious man will come up with every possible trick to keep the conversation going even beyond its reasonable limits.

I have been here myself. It is not an attractive place to be. In fact, this is an awful chain that leads you nowhere. I wanted to make sure you avoided it by mentioning it here.


So how do you avoid it?

First, start with the idea that at any point she may not answer you back. You don’t have the luxury of stressing about that. You could also be amazing on WhatsApp and have great conversations, but for some reason it just doesn’t workout.


There are only one of two possible reasons:

She isn’t interested

She’s doing something else




So that is what you need to know. If you want to get in a relationship with a girl, there are 10 tips above that can help you impress a girl on the WhatsApp chats. Sure, it seems like there may be a lot of do this and don’t do that, but everything in these tips ensures that you impress the girl you like.

If the girl still isn’t interested after you put so much effort in, then maybe she isn’t the one that you should be with. Keep in mind, some girls are shy and don’t know how to respond initially. So, invest your time, but if it’s not working out, just don’t beat yourself up about it and move on.

Many girls would love a boy to spend time chatting to them on WhatsApp. If a girl seems uninterested, it is likely not worth wasting your time on. Lots of girls would love to chat with a guy that can flirt, be respectful, and compliment her. She will especially like it if that same guy is mysterious and interesting at the same time.


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