What the SASSA Status Check for “Reapplication Pending” Means

When you check the status of a SASSA R350 grant application, you may get a range of responses. One of these might say “Reapplication Pending,” and if you need more information on what it entails, we can help.

SASSA Status

What ‘Reapplication Pending’ SASSA Status Check Means

After submitting your SASSA R350 grant application, you may next monitor the status of SASSA. You can see where your application is in the SRD status check.

Your SASSA status might then read “Reapplication Pending.” What that means and what you need to do next are explained here.

This indicates that SASSA did not receive any applications or reapplications.

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What steps should you take next then?

In that case, you must submit your R350 grant application via srd.sassa.gov.za. This is how:

  • Apply online via the SASSA SRD website.
  • put your mobile number in
  • Enter the one-time pin that SASSA has issued to the number and then click “send sms.”
  • Fill out the steps requested by SASSA to continue the application process.

An applicant for the Social Relief of Distress Grant must provide SASSA permission to verify his or her identification, residency, income, or social security benefits in order to enter the program or to have the application reassessed.

Additionally, applicants must agree to the declaration and consent.

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Instead of submitting several applications across different platforms, applicants are asked to submit only one application. As soon as the application has been properly submitted, confirmation will be received.

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