What Men And Ladies Lose After Sex

A Woman’s sex organ is dry but when a man touches it, it gets wet.

CONCLUSION :Man refreshes a woman’s life.

A Man sex organ is soft but when a woman touches it, it gets hard.

CONCLUSION: Woman makes a Man life harder.

Just want to make fun.

Going straight to the point:

What  men lose

Medically men lose 12% of their blood sugar during every round of sex, they also lose 10% of their protein level and 10% of their calorie level. the worse is you also lose 15% of your natural energy.


What  ladies lose

Only 5% of their water level…


So  if you hear fuck me hard, make me wet, I wanna cum, increase your fuck, Give it to me. My man just run away.

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However for every round of sex man also loses money either through postpaid or prepaid.

A pharmacist friend of mine who told me some years ago that with every round of good sex a man looses food values of nutrients equivalent to his monthly nutrient build up from daily balanced diet of 30 days.



And yet women act like they are doing you a favour it is time for men to be demanding for maintenance fees from ladies, please!!!



However; Weight-wise, about 5g on a good day from the semen, plus a few grams (only a few) from the sweat.

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I can’t recommend it as a way of losing weight, though, as many studies have suggested that sex makes you gain weight as you work up an apetite and that women who make love often might find their breasts get bigger as they prepare for making milk to feed the (as the body thinks) inevitable baby that will result.


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