What Is Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, otherwise known as online marketing or web marketing, is the promotion of products or services over the internet. The internet has made media accessible to a global audience. The distinctive aspect of Internet marketing is its interactive nature in terms of offering instant and provoking responses.


Internet marketing is often regarded as having a broad scope because it encompasses online marketing and marketing via e-mail and wireless media. Internet marketing comprises the management of digital client data as well as electronic customer relationship management solutions.

Components Of Internet Marketing


Internet marketing evolves at a rapid pace. It is dynamic, requiring all internet businesses and marketers to stay current with system changes. Internet marketing is made up of two parts:

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B-to-B (B2B):

It refers to business-to-business e-commerce, in which companies sell their products and services to other companies over the internet.


It refers to business-to-consumer sales, in which companies offer their products and services to customers over the internet.

Advantages Of Internet Marketing

  • The corporate goals and the cost-volume-profit analysis determine the strategy and overall efficacy of marketing efforts.
  • Internet marketing is a type of internet marketing that includes e-mail and wireless marketing.
  • Internet marketing may provide advertisers with a higher sense of accountability.
  • When comparing the cost of marketing to the reach of the target audience, internet marketing is comparatively inexpensive.
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Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing

  • There are many skills to learn
  • There is a lot of competition.
  • Many individuals believe that making money on the internet is simple.
  • A lot of internet fraud

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