What is an Unlocked iPhone?

Those of you who purchased an unlocked iPhone was probably pretty excited to get it running on all the popular networks, but I’m sure you would like to know exactly which networks it will work on.


To make sure you’re not locked into a less-than-ideal carrier, check your iPhone’s SIM card to make sure it’s unlocked. You can find out which carriers your iPhone is compatible with using the following guides:

An unlocked iPhone is a smartphone that’s used with over one service carrier. iPhones bought directly from Apple have a 90% chance to be unlocked.

How to check if your iPhone is unlocked

  • To find out if you’re using an unlocked iPhone, follow these simple steps;
  • You’ll need two sim cards from different carriers to try this method. If you only have one, you can ask a friend or family member to lend you theirs.
  • Power off your iPhone and take out the sim card using the card removal pin. Make sure you do not touch the metal on the sim card as they’re fragile.
  • Input the sim card with a different carrier into your smartphone and switch on the phone.
  • Place a call to someone. If the call isn’t going through, then you’re using a locked iPhone. If the call connects, then you’re using an unlocked iPhone.

How to Check if it’s Unlocked in the Settings

  • Open the settings, you’ll see general below. Tap it.
  • You’ll see about after clicking settings, click on the “about”.
  • Next, you’ll see carrier lock, if it says “No sim restrictions”, it means your smartphone is unlocked.

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