What Happens When You Eat Two Eggs Every Day


A lot of people had this ideology that eating an egg every day could have numerous disadvantages rather than having an advantage but this has in many ways found to be false.


Studies have proven that there is no serious effect of eating two eggs every day but rather there are advantages which you can gain by eating two eggs per day.


In this article, I will be talking about some of the things you gain by eating two eggs every day


1. It increases Your Good Cholesterol

A lot of people have argued that eating eggs could cause a spike in cholesterol levels but this has been found false rather eating eggs helps in boosting cholesterol level. But it is best to eat whole eat and not fried eggs as frying it could come with lots of disadvantages.

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2. Eating them in the morning could help reduce the calories you take that day

Eggs have been found to be very fulfilling. This is because they are rich in protein. Eating two eggs in the morning could help in reducing the number of calories you take that day.


3. It Helps In Improving Nails, Hair And Skin

Eggs are rich in B Vitamins including Vitamin B12, B5, biotin and selenium which have been proven to benefit skin and hair health. They nourish the cells, promote skin elasticity and counteract the damage caused by free radicals.


4. Strengthen Your Immune System

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Taking an egg everyday could seriously have a toll on your immune system in a good way. It also acts as the best remedy to ward off flu and cold.


5. Improves Eye Health

Taking at least too eggs every day could also have an effect on your eye health. The Antioxidants found in the eye could help in benefiting the macular part of the eye.


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