What Causes Examination Malpractice

Examination Malpractice, a catastrophic setback in academia

The pursuit for certificates in the face of poor academic performance has been proved to be the major cause of examination malpractice in Nigeria.

What Causes Examination Malpractice

In our country today, Examination Malpractice is now part of the education system, you hardly find an educational institution where students write their exams or even test without involving
themselves in malpractices.

Instead of knowledge and skills, students now go after certificates, most of the graduates out on the streets can even defend the certificates they are holding, if this continues, jobless youths will still be on the increase as no company would want to employ someone who has no knowledge and skills. Some of the factors I consider as the causes of examination malpractices
are listed below;


What Causes Examination Malpractice

● Laziness: when it comes to studying, attentiveness in class. Some students are so lazy, you will find them joking in class, sleeping and disturbing others in class. This is a bad habit which every student should do away with.
● Lack of preparation or in-adequate preparation for examination: apart from being lazy some students prepare well for their exam, as a student, you should study yourself and know the best time it is for you to assimilate. It is advisable that students read daily and not pile up their notes till its a day to exam, studying everyday helps you assimilate fast even if it just for 30 mins per day.
● Lack of self confidence: Lots of students see themselves as a failure and end up losing the faith they have in themselves, such students when a question is being asked in class they would keep it to themselves thinking its wrong, such students entertain the exam hall doubting what they know and they resolve to copying from their friends
● Poor school facilities: the reading environment affects students academically, if the environment is not conducive enough, assimilation would be a problem and such students could be distracted easily by happenings in their environment
● Poor invigilation: Examination supervisors are expected to be diligent in supervising in the exam hall, students cheat in the hall when they find out that their supervisor is not watching.

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● Weak parental function: in our country today you will be amazed at the rate in which parents are willingly paying for examination malpractice, as a matter of fact if the school is not willing to assist such students you will find each parents transferring their children to another school, even at home some parents are so busy that they can attend their children open day in school not to talk of encouraging such child to read.

Effects of examination malpractice

● Students who indulge in examination malpractice lack the required knowledge and experience to carry out their assignment and professional duties effectively.
● Examinations malpractice produces candidates with low morale and academic values.
● Such students always end up with unfulfilled dreams in their chosen career.
● This can lead to serious professional errors in future.
● Such students will grow into adults and teachers or examination officials who will not see anything wrong with such an act.
Final Words

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Examination malpractice is a catastrophic setback in the academic section, the causes could be traced to societal value systems, the behaviour of candidates, parents and the education system. The consequences could be disastrous to the education system and could turn the society into certificated illiterates.

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