Ways you’re bringing bed bugs into your house.

While removing these obnoxious bugs from your home isn’t straightforward, preventing them from entering is. Continue reading to learn which objects may be attracting bed bugs to your home. Also, If You Smell This in Your Bedroom, You Might Have Bed Bugs.


1. Luggages.

Bedbugs commonly travel on luggage, infesting private houses when their owners return. Opening baggage away from upholstered furniture when checking into a hotel. Inspect your suitcase, luggage, or other goods for bed bugs before putting them in. Try drying your suitcase for 15 minutes on high heat to eradicate any bed bugs that may have taken a ride home with you.

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2. Clothes.

First, check for bed bugs before hanging new clothes in your wardrobe. The bed bugs or bed bug eggs may not be visible on clothing. Run everything in the dryer on high heat for 15 minutes to eradicate any bed bugs before running the standard washing cycle to avoid bringing bed bugs home from stores.


3. furniture.

Undisclosed furniture, especially soft and upholstered items, can harbor bed bugs or bed bug eggs. A pest management professional can perform an inspection on a cool vintage item that you must bring home.

4. Purses.

To avoid bringing bed bugs into your home, properly inspect any purse you bring home. When handbags are left on furniture or the ground, bed bugs can sneak in, hiding in seams and pockets until they infest your home.

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To avoid this, please ensure washing and drying your clothes and inspecting other things that may be hiding bed bugs in your house.


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