Ways To Maintain Good Posture

Ways to maintain good posture when you sit for a long time.


Maintaining excellent posture will help relieve spinal ligament and muscle strain. Poor posture causes muscle exhaustion, spasms, and pain.


That goes for sitting as well. It’s also about how you sit, lie, and bend over while you do these things. Here are scenarios to help you develop proper posture.


(1) Sitting.

keeping your back upright and your shoulders from rolling forward when working. Keep your weight properly distributed and your feet flat on the ground. Assemble the chair such that your knees form a natural 90-degree angle.

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(2) Standing in line.

A weKeeping excellent posture while standing is essential. Keep your weight on your toes, knees slightly bent, and feet shoulder width apart when performing this exercise. Your arms should be relaxed at your sides. Also, remember to maintain your legs straight but not locked when standing properly.


(3) Lying down.

Avoid laying on your back with your head tilted on a big angle on a pillow when getting horizontal, Instead, bend your legs and place a pillow beneath your knees for support. Your head, neck, and spine are not strained when you sleep with your head slightly elevated to align with the rest of your body.

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Consider turning over if you sleep on your stomach or side, as this can cause neck and back pain.


(4) Lifting things.

Resist the impulse to just bend over and hoist your burden. But moving closer to the load reduces the strain on your lower back. Keep your back straight when you squat down to pick it up. Tighten your stomach muscles. Keep your mouth shut. Lift with your legs. When moving the burden, turn with your feet, not your back.



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